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  • Was about to have a look for you, but it seems Sheep beat me to it. It shouldn't take too long for a Game Dev mod to review the thread for you, so don't worry!
    if it's a hacking/fangame thread, you need to wait for the moderators of that section to get to it.
    also it's recommended that you wait 24 hours before contacting them, so please do that. they have busy lives and a lot of threads to get to.
    I can but it's up to the Game Development moderators to look through it first and check to see if it fits all the requirements for a Games Showcase thread =( Sorry! They're online often enough so it shouldn't take very long for action.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    haha nothing wrong with that
    come back from the dead? haha
    Oh not much, just thought of this wondrous community while chilling alone a few days ago so i thought i should make a comeback or something like that. Anyways, still doing malachite ? or did you move on to something else ?
    if you are still active please say hi, i would really like to reunite with all the people i used to know here :S
    I heardz you likez mudkipz so I put a mudkip in a mudkip to make super mudkip.
    How's your game coming along? :P If you need any help at all for codes or anything give a shout.
    When you reopening the thread man? I've come back after a year, I have a lot more stable life now, plus I have an income and a decent laptop plus the PC I built from scratch. SSD, 6 cores, 8GB RAM, all that jazzy stuff. Would love to do some more OW sprites for you, now that I will be around a lot more.

    Hope you'll reopen the thread soon.
    PM me if you need any OW's done.
    Hey remember me? I might be looking forward to be back on your team. I can showcase some sprites, just look at my new thread. If your interested, I might let you use some of my sprites and help you out on Malachite.
    Right on ha, yeah I'm going into my second year of the Art Education major
    That's cool, yeah I haven't touched Obsidian in the last 2 months haha. You'd think with it being summer ,I'd have more time to work on it... it's weird. How you likin college?
    Well thank you! When's some stuff for Malachite gonna be shown??
    Oh.. well uh... I'm glad you don't hate me anymore? lol
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