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  • For just backlore for a playthrough I think it suffices.

    It's just that when I read through it, it just feels like you avoid mentioning any specifics. Like for example:

    "the team of the region, Team Fable, waaaaaaay in the past, made experiments on every 1st stage wild pokemon in the region, by using some kinda flute/some kind of signal ray to make them come to their hq hideout, "

    Why not just mention a number or perhaps a general indication of when it was instead of saying 'waaaaaaaay in the past'? And then there's 'some kinda flute/some kind of signal ray'.
    Personally I'd just be more specific, like "the team of the region, Team Fable, several hundred years ago, made experiments on every 1st stage wild pokemon in the region. By using their specially designed signal ray they made the Pokemon come to their hideout."

    Also this Team Fable doesn't have any mention of their motivation. It just says what they did, what the consequences are, and that they disbanded after their leader having a change of heart. Why did they do those experiments, what were they hoping to accomplish? Why did their leader have a change of heart? Did she realize something on her own or were there events that led up to it?
    Team Fable in particular is the biggest thing here that lacks substance imo

    "the legendaries & mythicals have also somehow been affected..... or maybe not.... "
    which is it? xD Again a case of no specifics I guess. I guess you might not have made your mind up yet, but just mentioning how they were affected or how they avoided being affected would sound a lot better imo. Like, for example:
    -"The legendaries & Mythicals couldn't resist Team Fable's signal ray and have all become more aggressive and undergone a type change."
    -"The legendaries & Mythicals were able to resist Team Fable's signal ray and are unaffected by their experiments."

    Anyway, I'm hardly a professional writer lol
    Just my thoughts =3
    I don't really hang out in the Writer's Lounge tbh =p

    Seems a bit barebones atm, but not bad.
    Sorry, I haven't been thinking of nothing, sadly
    I've been busy with school and stuff, so I didn't have the time to think of anything, sorry!
    Oh ok then
    I can help you with it. But recently I've been having a creative block because, you know, school and stuff. But I'll give you episode names when I get ideas for them. I promise I'll think of something :)
    Afraid I don't know anything about the Mystery Dungeon games at all.
    I played one of them long ago and lost interest fairly quick and never finished it 😅
    Alright, why dont you just get the Games then?
    Your pkmn are safe here with me till then :)
    I will share my discord here so you can add me, rather than in the topic. It's 11wildy#2005 :)
    Feel free to add and i'll accept you
    I could certainly try. :)

    you could just store it on pokemon bank, but if you don't have pokebank, then i could catch some throw-aways for you to trade with and then delete

    also, i would never level up someone elses pokemon. i know how it is when you have a certain team in mind.

    let me know when you want to trade. I don't come on PC a lot anymore.
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