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    As Mega Evolution is a part of the Battle Engine I didn't develop, those issues are out of my control. Still, the bugs you listed do not happen EVERY time, if I remember correctly. Mega Evolution "at random" happens only in Double Battles whenever you let out a Pokémon that can Mega Evolve and is holding its Mega Stone, while reverting back to its regular form aftet switching out can happen in any battle, but doesn't happen every time you do it.

    Battle Frontier glitches are easily avoidable if you are careful with saving: as long as you do not turn off the game after those saves that the Battle Frontier forces you to do (you may use save states instead if you need a break) you're good to go. You may save later manually from the menu after taking the Frontier challenge and it will not glitch out.

    Glad to hear you you're interested in the game!
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