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professor plum
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  • I remember back when we weren't allowed to change our names on here and suddenly I'm thinking maybe that was a good idea because I'm having to do altogether too much investigation into who everybody is lol
    I just noticed that a Spanish project called "Pokémon Anil" has had its thread removed for "having questionable content".
    As someone who speaks Spanish natively myself, I'm a tiny bit curious about what sort of content that you guys find questionable does it have, and since Sheep said right there we should contact a Forum Administrator if we want to learn more about the matter... welp, here I am.
    Thanks in advance for replying!
    your tweet yesterday reminded me of profesco from Serebiiforums idk if you remember him though
    I want to ask a favor.
    There is a rom Pokemon hyper emerald v . And it is in Chinese ,could you make someone translate it into English.
    Hi there Tyler, thanks for putting me back on leads discord. Could you give me the permissions for Star Command too? Right now I can't view it on the forum yet. Hope your 2022 is lively with plenty of good things in store for you, your dream man, family and any furry feline friends <3
    i looked at all of my serebii messages last night for nostalgia and i'm sorry i was such a spammer in 2008 LOL
    Hi Tyler!

    I sent you a message on discord a couple of days ago, just wanted to make sure you saw it. Let me know yes or no, okay? <3 hope all is well!
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