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professor plum
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  • Thank goodness for that! I got family in New Orleans and they still have no power (but should soon). Poor Louisiana can't catch a break these past few years :/
    Well apparently there's a grandma hitting Cuba atm that's coming for Louisiana.

    meant to say "huricane" not "grandma" but it somehow works?
    Yeahhhh I am! And CYCLING that is awesome! I wish it weren't so dangerous to cycle here in London but I actually used to be really into spinning (stationary bike exercise classes) but I haven't been in like 2 years now so I'm sure my stamina is absolutely crap now lol!

    Woah woah woah! Rehersing a play??? I don't remember you saying you acted! Do you sing too???!! What play is it?!!!
    I've been good! I've improved my karaoke skills during the pandemic.. but only marginally! LOL.. maybe if you're a bit masochistic I can sing you a ballad sometime LOL..

    Tell me what's new with you?? You never freaking answered me last time XD!!!
    oh just the normal Satruday of arguing with people about politics on a Pokemon forum's discord like any mature adult these days...help how's it going in the swamp
    bruh he was the most suspicious character to me and he turned out to be one of the best ones. Really read him well ;P

    sounds interesting though :D
    Lmao, I'm pretty much sitting at the opposite of what you just said - except for the busy and working full time. What play are you gonna be in?
    :D How's life going for ya? I'd usually open with the obligatory "Gaga is better than Britney" jazz but free Britney
    Yee still a student, wont be done for another year and a half. it's going alright i'd say c:

    ... they named him Herlock Sholmes. That's. Well. Creative? xD

    Hmm.. honestly I wanted a change and couldn't think of anything so I just defaulted :3 you're prof plum forever now?
    oh nice, congrats! hope it's gonna go well and be fun ❤️

    i'm good, worky worky but that's ok, i have my health.

    who's in your avatar o:
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