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  • I didn't think Salamence needed one but hopefully Flygon will get a mega eventually, poor thing is the only Hoenn dragon without one now. D8
    I always thought Flygon would be part bug instead of ground but he wasn't. D: Though my favorite bug is probably Scolipede or Beautifly, really love those.
    I like some fairies but not the Slurpuff and Spritzee line.. they're ehh. D: but haha nice. I talk to a lot of people, can be a little hard to keep up sometimes lmao.

    Yeah, staff and supporters can use uploaded images in their gallery for backgrounds and other profile elements. (its one of the perks)
    Ahaha hi! Nice to meet you. :3 Thanks, it's Whimsicott and it's one of my favorite grass/fairy types.
    CSS is fun stuff. I don't know a terrible amount of CSS, but I've been working on a style for PC. That's one way to learn more about it, ja?
    Neato. As a kid I was pretty talented with drawing and art in general. Nowadays I'm probably shabby but I've been meaning to pick it back up as a hobby. When I was young I thought about being a graphic designer or something similar, but I think I would've gotten sick of it after a while. Some things are better off staying as hobbies, y'know?
    The battle server has a lot of grumpies but we're friendly nonetheless! Believe it or not, the battle server and forums used to be a really intimidating and unwelcoming place to the point where they were being considered for removal from PC. But that's changed for the better over the years.
    Sorry for your losses.
    I remember using Xat agesss ago for a Pokemon club that we used to have here (Wolves Hideout). Nowadays I use PC's battle server. I'd recommend giving it a try if you're interested. It has a pretty welcoming community.
    Nice, good luck with that. I've yet to decide on what I want to major in. Lately I've been trying programming (i.e. JavaScript) to see if that's something I want to pursue.
    Yes, this is Wolflare. Welcome back! How's life treating ya?

    You should!
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