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  • I see you are online now, sir, but unfortunately I have an apointment with my girlfriend in 5 minutes.
    I might come back in 3 hours. Will you be online?
    If not, will you be online in 18 hours?
    We could add each other on facebook if you want to. I think it would make it easier. If you want to, tell me and I'll tell you my name in a PM.
    I have an exam on Monday and I'll be checking the forums just for short periods of time. It's better if we try to battle from Monday on (not sure if that's the correct way to say it)
    yeah, sure! I have the gift of a really bad memory, so I don't remember your team :p It'll be like fighting against you for the first time again.
    PU is partialy used.... it's like the NU of the NU (really bad things, which I happen to love).
    If you want we can have an OU battle then. Do you feel like it? I might bring some lower tier pokes, but I tried them and they can work if used correctly.
    Yeah. I did a couple of dumb things too. Like keeping Excadrill in on Gengar.

    If you ever wanna battle again, just ask.
    Ok. Drop me a message when you're ready to go.

    Oh, and I'll need your FC and in-game name too. Mine's: 0619-4178-0907, ign Stella
    Eh, maybe it was just the system or something. But are you willing to battle after you eat?
    Also, it seems like you sent me 2 VM's, but I can only see one for some reason...
    We can wait until after you eat to battle. I was just saying that that's the earliest I can do it, since I won't be getting home until then. I'll be available to battle for a few hours after then. As for other days of the week, it's like today; I can't really battle until later in the day. Weekends I can usually battle whenever.
    Yeah, I'm not sure how that thing fell apart...

    But if you wanna battle, I'm totally up for that. Just not right now. I'm at college so I can't battle right now. Would you be available to battle about 3 hours from now?
    Do you have a Dusclops or Duskull?
    I need two Dusknior. O_O
    Lol its no problem.
    I don't really care if i win or loose. I just battle for fun :p
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