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  • No worries, I'm about to head out for the night :) I should be available every evening this week, from 7PM EST. Let me know if that works for you!
    Yes, it's still a way to see someone's TSV. The person you send it to needs Homebrew however, but I have it so I can help you :)
    I have Road's Tapu Koko as well as your Apricorn Pokéball :)
    Message me when you have a few minutes to trade! ^-^
    I also decided to give you 21 Apriballs, that way you'll have 3 of each. I put one on the Koko
    Sure. Soapie doesn't have a copy of my Koko either way though so I'd have to send it to her first, which I should be able to do on Saturday, then you can coordinate with her from there.
    Assuming that is your Friday times, that is 1-3 AM and 5:30-8 AM my time on Saturday. I'm definitely not gonna be up that early. @@ I'm up and ready to trade by 10 AM on Saturdays, which would be 9 PM on Friday for you. I could also likely do your morning/my evening on Sat as I can stay up late, but maybe only as late as midnight (11 AM for you).
    Wow, a female, excellent! @w@ Please nickname her Sunny for me!
    I should be around my Saturday to trade, what time would work for you?
    Mm, sadly I would like it for LC which I can't HT for so the actual 5IV spread is needed, sorry. @@
    Might as well send you the battle ready one, then. I'll put Archen under "Being Bred", get back to me whenever you've got it! c:
    I really hope you enjoy it and have fun! It can be really tough though so keep on your toes. :') My rules aren't standard.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "WE're", but a breed would be enough to trade for my personal one yeah! I have a hyper trained battle ready version if you'd like, or the UT version.
    Woah, you really want to? Please do! I'd love to see you post a challenge log. :)
    Oh, thanks for telling me! I haven't updated it in a while, must be a copy paste and I forgot to change the name. So sorry about that!! I'll change it right away
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