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  • Yes I do. I had a list somewhere at some point but I seem to have misplaced it and I haven't played the game in a few weeks, so I'll have to get back to you :)

    I like Rasengan myself. 8D I also like Blades Dance a lot.

    Konahamaru: Damn right! >:B

    What's your favourite jutsu >:D

    shez owsom

    It's pretty annoying when she says 'i luv u babz ;)' to Naruto. >:(


    and she was lying like HOW
    And I say SASUKE UCHIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! in a really weird Japanese sensei accent like it's all WHOAAAAAA

    So epic. xD

    I don't pronouce Sakura like Suck-ar-ARRRR like the other guys. xD Or Naruto as Nahhhhhhhhhh-ruto. DAMMIT PRONOUCIES *kicks something*

    I'm on a missun! 8D
    MA-DAR-A UCH-I-HA >:^D

    Hey, no wonder they do it, it's sorta fun to say
    LOL, the Cacturne brought that to my mind, too. I could see that on someone's front porch. {XD}

    I had a VERY lucky hunt earlier. Someone was advertising a Tropius (therefore, Flying) Safari in searching for something else over at Neoseeker. I, being like I am, asked what the other two are, noting I am missing two Flying types.

    "I also have Pidgey and Swanna"

    I nearly died. Those were the two. :)
    Yes, they did! Man, one of the other things we'll never find out is 'what got weird' the last time John and Dorian went to a bar.

    Things we'll never know, man.
    I was hoping you'd find it in my sig. :)

    If you can go online, I'll be there in a moment. I have a lovely Halloween Safari that you probably already saw. {XD}
    Oh yes!! Grass/Dragon all the way! Treecko will always be my favorite Pokemon so Sceptile getting a Mega evo is just another cheery on the cake.
    Woohoo, that's great, so glad you finally got one. :) I've had so such luck with the MM yet! I get more shinies chaining lol.

    I know what you mean! I don't like trading for shinies because I like to earn them. It's not the same when you just receive one.
    Aww no way, that's some serious bad luck. ): Once my DS is charged I'll do some more chaining on route 10, if I get another Shiny Hawlucha, it's yours. I'd give you the other one I caught, but as it's my first chained shiny I'm kinda sentimental about her. x3 Good luck with the MM method.
    Yeah, we can definitely do it some other time. About to head to bed here, though. I am also trying to get the national dex right now so I'm sure we can help eachother out :3
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