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  • Hi, I saw someone posting in Ten Little Days and you saying it was considered dead. Want me to lock it?
    That being said, since they do have the "bonus" points thing, I think they'd prevent that from happening to be honest.
    Seems like we're the top dogs in this litItle contest~ I wonder what would happen if we ended the event with the same number of posts.
    I think it would be a bit more convenient if we stuck together for the moment. Or we could always have Sang just creepily stalking her.
    cuz i was thinking we could find another two people who'd want to do a battle scene and sang could actually prove useful in battle. and then bond with eris and inevitably stab her in the back in both a literal and metaphorical sense.
    I mean even if just a small reply like the man-creature saying something like "You don't know the forces you're trifling with so I'll excuse your ignorance this time because I'm in a good mood--but I really do have no problem with disposing of ingrates."

    this is another edit test

    this is an advanced edit test.

    testing it in another theme advanced
    D: i edited my post but it didnt work :( mostly he is gonna say he isnt afraid that the man-creature should be afraid because he's a master trainer etc and flip him off. then he is going to go into saying he really doesn't give a damn what happens--the strong survive and the weak die. he just wants to get out of the dome.

    this is also an edit test.
    Ahahahaha, now I need to catch 1204264 VMs to go!

    Frankencricket. Oh god no, not that, is its brain tiny? Hmmm. Contemplating, contemplating.
    So I'm writing my post and my character is going to get extremely mouthy to the Ho-Oh/Man-creature and I just wanted to try and figure out an appropriate response to write in my post so that it doesn't have to be tiny or awkwardly like a monologue.
    You'd have to make it fairly clear in the premise that it was there for the sheer stupidity of it all, you know, come up with the strangest character possible, have a rather corny plot, that kind of thing. It would be interesting to see how it would all play out though
    Well if you could alter probability you could just, I dunno, make the chances of you suddenly teleporting to France 100%. Or the chance of you dying at all 0%. You really wouldn't have a problem I don't think.

    Heh, part of me half craves a crazy RP like that, just something completely over the top ridiculous
    Sounds potentially useful for enemies though. Dead by kittens and sunshine has a nice juxtaposition to it. Although, would it be as OP as the ability to alter probability? ... Probably not, but it would still be super crazily awesome
    HAH, I shall now give a nickname to my newly caught VM. I dub thee: McVM. (Oh look, what an nickname. /sarcastic. /headdesk.)

    Shh, we gotta enjoy the crickets. For a while. /squashes them. I am so sorry but it has to be done. THERE. SILENCE. /awkward silence commence.
    Yeah dying doesn't look like the most fun thing ever honestly - I'll pass on it for a while. Well, what if you had a superpower to exist in that bubble in real life? Then you could totally jump over the sofa. That would be a cool superpower actually, to alter physics as you wished. And to be fair, Rose never killed anyone while Grimdark, she only tried to... sooo you're excused?
    Cool, then I'll give the kittens machine guns and work towards creating an army so cute nobody will even think to stand against them! Muahahaha! A land of Hobbit Physics and Grimdark would be awesome though... okay maybe just Grimdark
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