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  • Hi I forgot to give my post a title in the Recruitment sections and I can't seem to change it
    Hey, do you think you can delete my thread about Platinum ROMs in the Fan Game section? I don't really want it up anymore. Please and thank you in advance!

    (EDIT: Devalue already deleted it, no need to act on this message anymore. Sorry to bother you!)
    Hi recently i tried to release a hack of pokemon vega called fairy edition ex and it says its in moderation que how long will this process be if u don't mind me asking...
    I don't want to put direct links because I have to update them everywhere vs just updating my Discord.
    Should I just add the discord to the post and remove the download part?
    Man, I am trying so hard but can't get my new pokemon sprites to work. The colors mess up, tried EVERY tool. (AdvanceSeries doesn't work for me) I am trying to import riolu sprites for a new pokemon, but just one of them works. Like: If i reload the backsprite in g3hs, it works, but when i reload the front sprite, back speite gets messep up. I think its cos they both should have the same pallete, and they do. How do i solve this?
    Uhm sry if Azz~Kun been annoyin u lately (LOL,But i was also like him...eheheh) i have 1 weird question? why did u change Pokechu to Upsurge?
    Mate does wichu's APSE work on expanded ROM offsets ??? Coz I tried import all but my offset was over 1000000 so it didn't work.
    Nah I will give it as free resource, I do ROM hacking for fun mate, if u can't even share a goddamn text box I don't know what u learn at elementary school (¬_¬)ノ
    Its research goddammit !!! OK anyway I had a good time talking to you ಥ⌣ಥ. Good luck on your project, until next request (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Not the picture but yes, the textbox (its not steal, the correct TERM is research :p so anyway yea there is a sample script but I am not able to present two mugshots one after another, can u send a sample script (compiled version) coz my script is like it closes the mugshot and open another but the problem Is after compiling, the script gets fucked up and instead of release end, some other commands pop up (like set door closed 0x88) and game freezes if I try to load 2 mugshots one after another
    OK I will try it out (just need to export red chapter's text box and import it in mine ryt ;)
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