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Quagsire girl
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  • No man thr event currently going on is something else and not about only your pokemon. Yeah I do respect your choice but you should be pn time as the event is ended, so I was clueless did I made a wrong post about the event...

    I nearly checked at least 11 times before replying back. Anyways stay on time, the fav. Pokemon event has ended and you are expected to post up to date posts. Anyways, don't worry I am not a scammer, hacker, stalker or anything. Nothing to be afraid of me, ^O^ I am sub-Owner (or you can say Vice President of the Club after Allen) I just only wanted to know what do you want to say through your post and not your personal information.. XD.

    Stay safe
    Stay happy

    Sorry but I am holding an event and also I want every club member to participate so in order to do that I must get attention by posting first... Anyways I quite didn't understood your posts abot I love quagsire and squirtle, and also this emoji ?????? idk what does it means so would you explain me properly??
    Hi! What do you want to do in Water Pokemon Club. Cuz Your posts are like out of the way...
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