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  • Thanks for getting back to me! I think we ended up blacklisting it to be safe, since it was very weird that it was exactly the same except for the year. Thanks anyway!
    Hiya Hamako! I was wondering if I could ask about where you got your Kotone Yasue's Tyranitar? Denrew recently asked me for a hack check and that was included; everything looks fine except for the date, which is a year off. It's just weird enough that I wanted to see if you had any more context to add. ^^;
    Lol XD I was hoping it wouldn't be so obvious. I left my ds on the couch where it was found by my baby brother when I went to take a call
    Have you tried the Magikarp Swap Trick? It'll save you even more time plus with a little extra effort you can get a shiny with it's Hidden ability for sure atleast almost all the time....
    Sorry I should've seen this earlier, but I'm still available at the moment before I get ready to go to sleep (I'm on Pacific time).
    Sorry for a such a late reply. I've been trying to power through so many Masuda Method mons my head is spinning.

    Not to mention it's hard to believe that anyone would put up a legit high level shiny on the Gts to begin. XD Maybe some of them Rng'd or something.
    Welp, no way this one is with its impish nature and level 6. XD After putting up many things on the Gts someone finally sent a hidden ability one. Then I started wondertrading and got another one. Happy this part is out of the way. I'm hoping to get a shiny one from all this.

    Get anything crazy from wondertrade lately or the Gts?
    Themed teams sounds like fun. Welp, guess I'll continue looking on here and the Gts. Funny thing, I put up something for the Gts asking for a Blitzle and got a shiny one....with Lightning Rod. Would much rather get a normal hidden ability one. XD
    Sorry to ask this but during your quest for a living dex did you happen to come across a non shiny hidden ability Blitzle?
    Haha. Well ok, figured I'd ask. Seems like finding battles with people over 3ds is impossible here since there's the battle server.

    I'm technically bad too even with all the ev training. XD
    Ok, I see what you did there. XD

    Completing a living dex should be easier as long as you have all the Gen 6 games or are you just working with Moon?
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