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  • okay thats cool...hey u changed urs too!!! lol...
    and u do not thinnk any changes are needed do u?

    SUGGESTION: change the blue writing...IT HURTS!!! :(
    oh is it still giving problems? and how do u like my profile? does it need any changes at all? oh and my sig too...:D
    HEy there itachi how's it going? I got your request!!! thanks...keep in touch with me a lot...okay?
    When I say use FRLG sprites, use the FRLG sprites for both front AND back. The D/P sprites we have in our game are distorted and out of proportion so we won't be using them in the future.

    The sprites can be found on Bulbapedia. Just search the Pokémon's name and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Then you'll be able to see all the sprites.
    Thank you for doing Venonat and Rhyhorn. Please recolor the FRLG backsprites for them and stop there for now. I'm in the process of changing encounter data for a few places, so the original 12 won't be the new set of wild Pokémon on Pinkan.
    Hi There, As u know im The Great Owner of the Wolves Hideout, u Directly Posted in the Hideout Without Joininng O.o , its Just a Little Mistake so dont worry, U can just Ask Wolflare For Joining if u would
    Sorry about that... I just want to make sure that everyone is okay with it. I don't quite know Collossalpokemon, but I respect him as a game developer. I'd still add you in the team if he's okay with this, but even if he isn't, you may still act as a random contributor.
    Okay. I will add your name to the staff list if he has no problem with it. Good luck dude, I saw some of your sprites and they look nice!
    Well personally I'd like to work with you, but it's important to make sure that Collosalpokemon is okay with it. I think game developers should be friendly to each other and I don't intend to cause unexpected issues with any of them. Otherwise, I may easily run into the troubles like stealing staff or work from other fan games, which are the least thing I'd even intend to do...
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