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  • Hey Quest! How're you? I was thinking.....will you ask retro if i still can join his RP? I don't know why but he didn't reply my VMs. Thanks love you~
    Hey Quest! I want to apologize you because I'm going to inactive for some month so I'm not able to participate as a front liner. But I really want to. So plz inform Retro. Thanks in advance, bye~
    1 reply per year is just about enough to keep the spark of friendship alive, right?

    Yay uni. Can't say I can complain about my grades either, except for Chemistry *shakes fist aggressively while cursing at the central science*. That's nice to hear, I myself am still trying to get off my busy-lazy bum to get back onto PC. Still can't quite manage to do so. Baby steps.
    Kirk I definitley can not forgive you. It's cool, I'm here and then gone, and then I'm here again sometimes. Life's pretty whatever, what's been going on your side?
    Kirk, It's definitely been a while since I've been on this community. I think I might get started up again. I had some life sh!t to clear up, so I hope you can forgive me extremely prompt and punctual response. How have you been?
    Hey! Sorry for the ridiculously late reply, lots of life stuff happening nowadays, plus the fact that I'm heavily unprepared for college life but I'm starting it soon whether I like it or not.

    In any case, how has life treated you, friend?
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Hi! o/ I noticed your SU post on Railways is shrinking a lot due to the indents. Mind if I add a bit of code to it?
    Well it's all okay now because I'm here and we all know I can always be counted on, like with making posts on time and stuff. Yeah, like that. Haha
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