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  • Hahaha possibly, who knows? Either way it'll take the back seat for now while I write some of the rust off ha. I like your character, didn't even realize you posted right before me :p
    Haha thanks my man, I was actually gonna debut with my own rp but decided to ease into it and join someone else's:p
    Good reasoning, figures they would also want Mew in their hands haha. It's fine either way for me, you could even have both of her parents appear on occasion as fellow competitors if you so wish o3o So whichever you prefer, you have greenlight on my end :3
    Ahaha, I really don't see why that couldn't be an option, players could also play some NPCs that matter into the plot and/or antagonists if they want to, so yeah :3
    MIND IF I STEAL BORROW YOUR CSS AS A BASE FOR MY CLOUD SU? /I needed caps to emphasize this.
    Yeah, I think C should be good if they've maintained such a consistent relationship.
    I kinda like the idea of them being frenemies, simply because it would be an interesting dynamic.
    Yeah, I could see that making sense. Like, either Elswin could've been a part of one of Felix's units or even leading/serving in a different unit that competed against his. The excuse could be that Felix noticed Elswin's ability during the practice/s.
    Hey I think I'll have to drop my SU, I've got some massive tests coming up that will keep me really busy for the next few weeks :(
    hey my computer has been getting fixed and it has the rest of my SU on it, it wouldnt boot up right but I'll be getting it back tomorrow afternoon so like in 20 hours I should be getting it back. My break was fun but school is so annoying.
    I believe I covered all the points you mentioned in your analysis. Haha I gotta tell ya, this is the most challenging RP i've SU'd for, but I like it. This should help my overall righting as well ^^
    Hi there. I'm just letting you know I signed up, and if there's anything wrong with my SU, please let me know. If there are no slots left, that's perfectly fine. Thank you.
    Clara's adorable :3 Very Mary Sue, haha. And yeah, I would have wanted more references to Rose overall ;; I never quite understood where on the Doctor's timeline Ten came from in the 50th. He said he was 903 so after Rose, probably also after Martha since he didn't realize why Elisabeth I would be mad at him in the Martha episodes xD Which obviously was because he left her after marrying her in the 50th harhar.

    Amy was definitely needy. She needed Rory to always be there as a sappy husband, but she also needed the Doctor to provide her with adventure and thrill. Super needy. I just really like their story together with him meeting her young and never quite letting go of that view of her :3 Much to her chagrin.
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