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  • You made me smile with your kind message. I hope you are well my sister, and that all good things continue to flow your way.
    I never browsed tumblr except to find .gifs so I wouldn't recognize you by name, but who knows, I may have read/looked at posts by you at some point! Kokoro no Fanfare is also one of the best ending songs omfg :heart: perfect taste

    Aoi Yuki is a talented VA, I loved her work on Madoka Magica! ;_;/ Heard of GOSICK ages back and probably wouldn't mind adding to my growing list (lol), especially if you think it's good. Just googled it and the characters look so cute, definitely seems like something I'd be interested in just by visuals alone. tyvm for this recommendation ~

    Agreed that Tara is great. Glad she returned to PC a while back, we missed her here. :3
    Yeah! The anime community used to stress me out immensely on like....any Pokémon forum I went to, but it's better here nowadays. There are some people who dislike the Sun & Moon saga but that's to be expected anywhere since it was such a drastic change in art style. I love it personally though ;o; lillie my daughter❤️ Tara is a great person too! BW is probably my favorite tbh, I just lovelove Cilan still. But SuMo had such amazing episodes that made me cry also, and I love all of the main characters.

    art <3 I share mine on my pc art thread and tumblr and would love to see yours!!
    hello hello
    it's ghost/yuko (though I don't go by those anymore of course) it's been too long!! I responded to your contact us form and changed your e-mail, hopefully you can access everything fine now
    I own this site now, so you can always poke me if you need help with anything too <3
    No worries no worries, it happens~~

    Aww that stinks, I hope you're able to get your own soon. D: I think I do have you added already though; I remember talking to you on it!
    do you still go on messenger? ;_; I don't use my yahoo anymore but I might log into it from trillian if you do @__@;
    it's been like... what, 7 years? XD; more? I remember talking to you in my old apartment while on my 1998 dial-up computer, LOL @__@;
    meep @__@; /edits VM
    I totally understand though, I wouldn't want anyone using my real name either XD

    it's been agesss ;; time flies too fast!
    By the way, why don't you get yourself a PC Veteran emblem since you have been here for more than 3 years?
    Posting in that thread would have been totally off-topic, so...

    I really don't know about the China thing, (sorry, can't remember. :P ) but I don't think that accent could be used for judging this, because it is the voice actors who are speaking.
    In short,
    Pokemon is fictional. Period.
    Hi, i've noticed you quite a lot in the anime section.
    Im Mew~ and well yeah um, hi and you seem kinda new so welcome. :)
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