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  • Hello there!

    May I ask, who is the person in your avatar from? I love it. The art style is awesome!
    Sorry to be late on this but im going to have to dropout of Earth and Sky, got too much going on to sit down and write as well as I should, best of luck with the RP
    Haha--Thank you! I more meant that I regret not being able to stay and be there ICly, but it was nice to read anyway. |D

    Unfortunately the newest madou monogatari games are for like, the Saturn. Followed by the Genesis. Though you could actually get some of the puyo puyo games in English. It's getting a biiiit more love in the west lately. vwv

    I'll keep that in mind! Not sure why I wouldn't be able to just buy the game, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. |D Looking forward to Ultra Sun and Moon myself.

    What else are you up to RP wise? =o
    A sequel to PTA is a thing now. I've been working on that and doing lots of RP in my free time really. Also, it sounds like Earth and Sky went crazy while I was gone! Boy do I regret missing it. Ah well. vwv I'm sure if you did any sort of pokemon journey RP I'd be happy to join it.

    I've been obsessed with a very obscure game series myself. An old school RPG series called Madou Monogatari, sometimes better known by its puzzle game spinoff in the west called "Puyo Puyo".
    Hey Quto! Cruising about and noticed to my surprise that E&S is still a thing! Or well, was until recently. I always really enjoyed your style of GMing. Speaking of which, sorry about dying last time I tried to return. vwv Maybe next time you try and revive it, I'll be able to join up again~!
    Bruh. Someone wants to join as a single Pokemon in E and S. Do you mind if that person joins?
    Just a question. Will be there teams like in the Earth And Sky from back then? BTW; love how you made a region yourself. This time, i am dedicated to go do things properly.
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