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  • Well, you don't exactly know his name unless you're doing the secret ending, which is actually hard to do if you're a normal player who didn't use walkthroughs.
    We'll have already moved on with our lives twenty years down the line, but we visit the site and see PTA with 30,000 posts and nowhere near a climax. xD

    I think this is a problem most RPs with set dates run into. My best advise for you: use timeskips, and use them often. Sure, have dates where players can interact and do things. But if you're pressing for specific dates in a year-round schedule, do some timeskips. Maybe have a certain date you can play out each week, or month, and then jump forward. This can be done a few ways, I think.

    If playing out a week really takes a year, play out a few days, then timeskip forward a few weeks, or maybe even months, if need be. Or play out one or two days, and skip to maybe halfway to an important event, play it out a bit, and then skip again to a day or two before an important event to build up to it. That should maybe work.

    My other suggestion is to axe the timed dates or simplify them. Maybe do in a month what could be done in a year. If that doesn't fit with the RP, however, go with timeskips!
    Or both. Here we go again!

    Well, PTA hasn't really finished or died. It's just sorta...here. Would be funny if we got our RPs over with any it's still just here. Haha.

    And I look forward to reading through Earth and Sky. I have a player from Odyssey who was in the last one who said it was a good RP.
    Hey there, don't think we've ever spoken, but...

    I found it interesting that you released your Earth and Sky again around the same time I released the next Pokemon Odyssey. I remember before a while back that while a lot of other RPs were dying, the three that were kinda continuous were PTA, Odyssey and Earth and Sky. Kinda cool that we'd both be starting them up again at the same time, I guess.
    So how do you chalange someone.
    Also thanks for informing about the moves and the badges.
    Sorry for asking another question and trashing out your time again.
    I dont know how to win badges on the RP ... Also i saw that Ludicolo might learn by transfer Fire Punch Ice Punch and Thunder Punch. I saw in Serebii.
    Are egg moves and Transfer moves premited?
    This is all my questions. I hope that i did not took some of your time out.
    I suppose i could make it one book, i just thought the second would be more for the history behind it, giving it more meaning to the character as something that belonged to a past loved one. The curses are already pretty terrible, too. And on top of that, this character is actually going to be pretty relaxed and against fighting. Since both books are defense/support rather than offense, all they would allow, at most, is a potential counterattack ability. Other than that, there would be no offensive other than what the character alone is capable of. If you want to know what the books are you could pm me and ask.

    Otherwise, i could just make it the one book.
    Question(s): What if a cursed book is given (rather than stolen) to a cursed victim, after the previous owner has passed? If the book and its powers can be given to another victim, would the book b erased and blank or would the second victim continue from where the first left off? Also, what was happening in the previous book-handout 100 years before?

    I had an idea for a character with two books, from Yovo. On given from the dark figure, the other a hand-me-down from a grandparent who survived the previous generation but never finished the book. The gimmick to this is that first, neither of the book powers are offensive, and second, the victim suffers both curses. He/she would be trying to fight the war to stop the war, and would work with others in battle as a support class. I already have the ideas in mind, I just need your permission, and information from the questions above.
    Some tips for your IC thread:

    Put a link to the OOC thread where you say "If you want to learn more about the RP or are looking to join in, the link to the OOC is at the bottom of this topic." Makes more sense.

    Organise the RP-style introduction at the bottom, as there is one part, then some rules, then more.

    You can find your thread is now approved :) but better organisation will help your roleplayers and anyone hoping to join.
    another queestion XD this time its about the fury book
    Can the user only burn things through their hands? or does anything they touch anywhere burn?
    A question about the book rp...
    By manipulating and controling the earth i assumed you meant that a charcater with the book blind oath would be able to use the earth as a weapon but the descriptiom only says that the user can use the earth as a sonar... Im a bit confused XD so could you clear this up for me?
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