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    Seriously though, I was definitely surprised to see this from you- or to see you at all, really. How've you been?
    Thank you ^-^ I heard my dad had to negotiate with my mom quite a bit so he could give the one to give me a name hahaha.
    Hahaha I heard she was popular and that's one of the reasons I couldn't change my name to hers. ^-^; sorry to disappoint!
    Quite. 'S about the best you can get writing in the dead of the morning, I suppose.

    But I never did reply to the previous message. I am pretty glad that you see it that way. Though...well. Let's just say I wouldn't do it again, to pretty much anyone.

    But yeah, I've seen 'im. He's not bad looking, and apparently I committed to having to fuck him, so...that's a thing. But eh, I don't really blame her for the way she acted regardless, though I certainly did notice the difference. Especially more recently.

    But damn, that's pretty nice, you and the CS school. Quite the big leap, going all the way to Cali. Good luck to you, but you ready for that? Setting's completely different, family's far away, and you'll be on your own. It'll definitely be an experience.

    That in mind...please. Please fix their website.

    Buuuut yeah. I might not be going to Otakon anyway. The reason I wanted to go was pretty stupid and though it made for some fun smut, eh. Might just let the ticket sit, it was cheap after all. Might round up some friends and go but we'll see.
    Oi, so I heard you posted a bit of the Otakon smut on the PC chat. I'm fine with you talking about it and, in most cases, showing it off, but uh...please don't post it in The main server. Basically anywhere else's fine, tho. If you wanna post it there, at least go all the way :q

    You have any fun with it, at least?
    Oh, sure, thanks for letting me know!
    Eh, that kinda sucks, but I'd be lying if I said the opportunity to talk the unabridged Radix doesn't make it worth it. It's gotta be nice to be able to work at your own pace, now.

    Speaking of, what have you been up to lately? Aren't you supposed to be heading to college, soon?

    Oh, and uh, I told Aki at length in a PM, but...eh, might as well say it briefly here. Really sorry about the way I acted over those two months. It was...pretty gross- sickening, even, in retrospect, and I really hope I didn't end up hurting either of you guys.
    Silicon Valley? That sounds really amazing! Let me know how it is there when you get there!

    Yeah, I'm doing pretty fine. Life's being life, I get to be lazy for a long period, which is somewhat nice in its own way.
    Thank you for saying that, but it's not your faults. Still, really appreciate it. Although it'd probably be better if it came from herself, I don't think I'd.. Really care for that.

    Yeah, we're definitely still chill c; Unless you go and make too many Ayu puns >w<

    Actually puns are fine because puns are good and puns are fun, so, how're you? You alright?
    Huh. I'll bet you're here to kazually commandeer the new Coder's Lounge. Wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know about it, you've been pretty pretty out of sync lately.

    Literally my most bottom barrel jokes right there, payback for weeks of Ayu puns. What made you decide to make an account?
    True, but I did guess that you are related to Sync and I feel good about that
    If only I could bring my lucky sausage

    On another note, do I know you from somewhere or did you just happen to guess I am studying for finals and have a great fondness for Chris' drawings
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