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Rain T.
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  • I know but theres always spoilers just whenever i think about watching it and that makes me not want to catch up. Plus I rarely have the time to anymore. Also Gravity Falls did something similar, dark finales and their heartbreaking ends. :')
    I heard its great but I havemt found the time to catch up the last few episodes but I keep hearing spoilers and Im so done with them. :')
    The club section is gonna shut down, however our clubs are safely relocated in Pokemon General! Hopefully that clears up the confusion!
    In a sense, it makes perfect sense if the Hoenn games are recognized titles for the event, since the spotlight is still on those games. But B2W2 got the most vote, so I gotta follow the crowd. However you can play with roms, you just can't ask for them! {XD}
    There's always room for next time though! If the current one's a major success, a second event is guaranteed , you have my word! ;)
    Hey sorry about getting that post in before you on the Darker than it seems IC. Was trying to wait but when I saw you were no longer viewing the post, I went ahead and posted.
    TV shows aren't always honest. :P

    No problem. When I seen that I was struggling to hit 100 words, I knew that you might also be struggling so that is why I wanted you to bunny it.
    Hey Rain, if you want, you can bunny Noivern for your next post to get to Mount Silver, I don't mind. I know there isn't much to say when it is just you and a pokemon.
    I remember the characters spent around fifteen episodes fighting, or somewhere around there (more or less).
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