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  • Yes o_o

    I'm Chinese too, but Mandarin not Cantonese. Are you in Ontario too btw?
    Oh, no worries! Sometimes we get busy and stuff, but that's just life for ya sometimes~ It's so awesome to hear you made PC a resolution though ^^

    Sounds a lot like my Christmas. Did some shopping, went to grandma's house for dinner, got some lovely gifts :) The time off was the best part though, for sure.
    aw, it's nice that you're here though c:
    how have you been, did you have a good new year/christmas?
    it says it's pending which is strange >< i'll try resending..
    Merry Christmas!
    01 edit: and a happy new year!!!!!!!!
    Aww. Well at least one person got into the holiday spirit :)

    So do you have anything planned for Christmas?
    ah, did you leave too? thanks :)
    umm, I actually can't really remember anymore ><, maybe partially because it took up so much of my time, now school is done so I have lots of free time for now and it's been fun catching up with old friends :). aw, why haven't you been on lately? want to keep in touch ^^;? The new year is coming so soon, doing anything to celebrate it or Christmas? :)
    sent you a friend request if you don't mind ^^.
    Hi, you probably don't remember me but I [was] Scandalice, we chatted for a little bit.. I ended up quitting PC but just recently came back, sorry about everything ><
    Honestly I can't really remember lots of people I knew but part of my reason for coming back was getting back in touch with people I used to chat with... how have you been doing? :)
    It has its uses. If you're programming something like speech recognition or encryption software, then yea, lots of high level math there.

    Nah, I didn't dress up as anything this year, sadly...maybe next year. I did, however, bring some candy to give out to the kids. We basically did a bring-your-kids-to-work-in-costume day, so some of us brought some candy to give out to them. Sounds like it was pretty fun at your job too, unsolicited pictures aside ^^

    I hear ya! UI design is a pretty neat field. Especially right now, with HTML 5 and the push for mobile design that's been a big thing lately.
    It does! Math has always been my favorite subject though, so I don't mind that. I haven't used a whole lot of advanced math in any of my jobs though, even though I had to take a lot of math back in uni haha

    That sounds pretty fun! It's always nice to work at a place that holds fun stuff like that~ My job is having the same thing tomorrow, which should be pretty fun c: it's the kind of place where people are known to come in dressed up in costumes from time to time even when it's not Halloween :P

    That sounds like a pretty chill job. So far does it feel like the kind of thing you'd want to go into as a career in the future? o:
    That explains the chill I've not been able to shake today, aha. Thanks! It took me forever to get it to my satisfaction...and I already want to change it to something more Halloweenish. Valvatorez, perhaps...

    I studied Accounting and then Forensic Accounting at University! It was more interesting than it sounds, especially the postgrad, which dabbled in Law and Psychology as well. That was three years ago now, though ;_;
    Are you doing something business or IT related? Or something else entirely? :3
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