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Raven Valt
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  • Raven Valt
    Raven Valt
    I wish anything cool was happening! Just life and it's adultness haha, How are you? You can call me Adam btw
    Crystal Berry
    Crystal Berry
    Hey Adam! I would have said the same. Being an adult for sure kinda sucks but thing is: I spend my mornings doing self care and going to the gym to do cardio and I've been eating pretty healthy (whole grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, and meat) which puts me in a good mood throughout the day and makes work less tiring. c:
    Raven Valt
    Raven Valt
    See that'd make me miserable haha, I play video games, Eat good food I enjoy haha, But yeah being an adult is rough, was looking at when i joined this forum and I was like damn, so long ago lol Glad that you're well though Sophie!
    Ahhh those are all some very familiar and nice names I remember. ^^

    I haven't really battled much lately BUT I do own Shield so I plan to build a small competitive team now that I'm on break! Would you like to chat on PS or Discord some time? :0
    Hmm... well this is kinda weird but I remember a lot of people? Like..... Achromatic, Dragon, Archy, Castform, Synerjee, Serrah, Noa, Emboar, Wolf, Lala, Sylphiel, Sanguine, DarkAzelf, Meganium, Starry, Sopheria, tn44, to name some. X'D

    I actually kept in contact with Sopheria for a while and she wanted to meet in person but she sorta disappeared ig??

    Would you like to battle some time? And what have you been busy with, work, college? :0 Aw I hope you have a nice xmas as well I will try to. Sometimes the holidays can feel really depressing :[
    dang, you're right! that's quite a coincidence! :O

    also profile looks great! :)
    I've been good! Haven't been hanging around the server as much lately as discord is the main area for chatting nowadays. Have you been well?
    awesome! i'll change the background back and find a nice profile picture for you. :) Then (most likely not tonight cause I'm super tired, rip) I'll PM you everything you'll need to set it up yourself! n_n;
    Okay, adjustment is up! For some reason photoshop is giving me a graphical error on dusclops, dunno why that is, but this would be the final version after I fix that. Is that good? or still a little too pink for ya?
    you got it! i'll add sprites of the 'mons you mentioned and overall make the theme look less pink. :D
    it sure is! if you like the current design I can send it to you now! :) Or, I can save it and keep designing (I've got another idea that's a little darker and involves the gen 3 starters!)

    whatever works for you.
    On request of Volga, the previous owner. He was fine with it being re-created by the new owner KingSwing!
    I have a minor update on my PC atm that deals with minor tile errors and the limiter issue regarding the new moves when used in contests. It'll be pushed to the thread whenever there's time.

    University begins in September, so there's a bit too much going on rn to be able to make significant progress on SE.
    Don't really want to say but Mods don't feel comfortable working under Steve anymore,

    new forum coming soon it seems
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