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Ray Maverick
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  • Hello and thank you! This name and the related character are actually inspired from a character in the fan game called Reborn (Gossip Gardevoir)!
    Well considering we haven't RPd in 3 years I'd expect it to be dead lol.

    I'll check in there some more
    Busy! Life catches up with you. But I like checking in every once in a while. How have you been? Still use discord?
    Currently algorithms have been a hassle but next semester will be linux, MS server, virtualization, discrete math and statistics, and ip fundamentals. Later on in the proigram I learn Docker, Cisco routing, and other network specialzation classes. I can use what I learn in setting up websites and web apps, making sure the sites and services stay up and secure etc. I looked up decomps the otherday and I should've realized it's pure asm. Setting my dev environment is going to be a chore because I've been a linux evangelist 6-7 years so binary hacking is pretty much out of the question unless I use WINE. I want have an environment I can use for easy development. I'll have to set up a git repo for revision history and I won't even bother saying too much until I got some content made for what I want to do. In noticed in your hack you used emerald and I wonder if you used it because of features like the battle fropntier. I like how your progress in your hacks have tournaments instead of gym challenges. I think I want something similar in my hack. I'm thinking virtual challenges like in colloseum with certain teams / series of battles to beat in order to unlock stuff. I've been playing clover recently and Seeing the stuff they pulled off with fire red is making me fired up!
    No one particularily. I've been trying to get him to make an account. I mainly help out with his website doing the server side stuff. He has a redbubble though. I don't think it could be that hard. using an implementation of an existing form feature, a shodow form shouldn't be too hard. you then base the purification off of happiness and have the shadow forms start at negative happiness. The call inbattle script might be tricky as that would overide the current fight menu. A decomp would help as I wouldn't have to code it in asm. (iirc the decomp is in c++?)

    I've been in and out of college for the past several years. Trying and failing semesters.Computer engineer, programming, networking. It's taken me awhile to get through the Software development. I only a couple of classes to go to get a college diploma. I start Network Security in January.
    Amazing tilesets man! I'll look into decomps. I want to actually finish making a hack for once. I've been busy with school and life for awhile now and that's definitely on my bucket list. I've wasted so my of my early 20's just going from college program to college program trying to figure out what I want to do. I settled on on network security and software development. Truth is I'm struggling on algorithms as I haven't put in much discipline in my coding skills so I want to practice on something fun on the chance that I fail the term and have to take it again next year. I think if I want to make a hack it needs to have some major mechanic addition. I was thinking about using the shadow pokemon gimmick in a hack or something similar. I feel as if a full colloseum / xd gale of darkness conversion for emerald hasn't been fully utilized. I think it would be excellent. I got a buddy on discord who's a graphics design artist and he said a hack like that would be fun but we should make our own region as opposed to reusing cannon regions as it gives us more creative freedom. We're thinking of using shadow pokemon and the occult as a main theme. It could be fun if executed properly.
    Where does the time go? I've been meaning to get back into ROM hacking again to pass the time. Have there been any recent advancements in the scene I should be aware of? I kind of wish I still had my old maps and ips patches from my old hacks, everything dissappeared after a hard drive wipe years ago. How ya been?
    haha yea weaker server back then

    i can change like 4 times a month, but regular supporters can change once a month and normal mortals once every 4th month i thiiiink

    there's a stickied thread about it in the support forum
    Thats sweet. I really love the choice of tileset dude.
    Oh oh oh yeah!! One thing i really really love it, idk if its been done with other hacks cause yours was the first i played since i return here, i love the idea of the pokemon wondering around in the wild where i can initiate a fight by talking to them!! That was really nice.

    I am truly happy for your and karl on this. And i am really rooting for you guys to go all out and finish this hack with a bang and i really can't wait to finish the hack.
    Maybe its that deleted msg was the one i reply but accidentally delete.

    Nice! Can't wait to wait for beta 3 to be ready. Super excited to see what more you bringing to the hack.
    What intrigued me more was the npc script. Everyone script was really feel thought through. Hahaha.

    I attach the photo of my team when i realise its the end of the beta.
    I actually spend a long time go everywhere to find a way to mayhem city. Only when i go back and read the sign then i realise its the end. Haha

    Hey dude.
    I swear i thought i reply to you.
    Got some sad news,
    I finished the beta!! And i want more!!

    Its sooo good. I love the soundtrack, the towns and all. The maps and colours used.
    I had super fun with it and you make me want to return to rom hack now. Hahaha.
    Below my team, if i know it going to end there, i would have just use charmeleon and evolve it to charizard..xD

    Wait, how do i share photo again?
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