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Ray Maverick
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  • You can't kill the metal... the metal will live on!
    PUNK ROCK tried to kill the metal. BUT THEY FAILED, as they were SMITE to the ground!
    NEW WAVE tried to kill the metal! But they failed, as they were STRICKEN down to the ground!
    I really liked Saitama. I liked that he served as such a contrast to all the craziness of OPM. His absent minded assurance kept things more nuanced and kept me laughing a lot.
    Is Death Note dubbed? I haven't quite had time to start it yet. But I'll bare in mind not to watch Season 2.
    Oh wow. I heard decent things about SAO, but I'll have to reconsider now. Why is it that gopd anime just gets worse? ;)
    I also saw Devilman Crybaby, and I reallt was not keen on that.
    I tried to, but it was just very surface level at the time tbh.
    I didn't watch too much, I flitted in and out, I liked what I did see. I liked the intense fight scenes in OPM, but I agree that the humour was hit or miss. I'll start Death Note, next week at some point, I think. I heard that Season 1 is better than Season 2 from my friend.
    With SAO, did it regress by the season?
    Again, it's the same for me, whenever I feel the hacking itch, I just come across streams of binary and can't be bothered haha. I'm also too lazy to learn C ;/
    I only really know a few, I liked One Piece when I saw it a few years back. Loved OPM, hoping that they dub the ovas, partly watched it because Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond are bringing a bit of FFXV lol . I'm generally pretty mainstream, I get my anime from my friend generally. I can't say that I've seen SAO. I'll give that and Death Note, a watch at some point.
    Mapping was just so long, thinking I was a HOTY winner just for adding water to Littleroot haha. I could barely insert a cry before, hence my laziness lol. So, you still sound better than I ever did/have been haha
    Btw wby, means what about you, wasn't saying why, again just laziness ;)
    What else are you into, e.g. online, anime etc?
    I was going through threads and found yours. Was your name the same as it is now? Mine's different. I think it may ring a bell.
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