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  • Hey bro, are you still working on a new script for the Hidden Grottos? You said in the thread that you were.
    hi could you do a tutorial on how to add the pokemon follow you script i followed everything but failed can you please help me
    Hey im a big fan of ur game and i was just wondering if ur still working on it it has great potential and i hope to see more of it in the future
    hi bro i am a great fan of your game pokemon melanite version i just wanted to know are you still working on it?If yes then when can we play further?And if no why you stopped working on this?I just love your game.
    No, it's not a feature of RMXP. It was just in Essentials before I took over its development. I'm sure there are various Neo-H-Mode 7 whatever-they're-called scripts out there that work better than what Essentials has, but the trick is to figure out how they work to implement them.
    The ability to change the perspective was taken out of the Options menu because it really shouldn't have been in there in the first place. As far as I know about perspective mode (which is very little), the way you map is completely different than for orthographic (the regular view) maps, so changing it will almost certainly make things look bad. The choice of view is also very much something the game maker should decide, not the player.

    I've never looked at how perspective mode actually works, because I'm not interested in it. As far as I'm concerned, it's incomplete and buggy and not worth using, and I don't feel like trying to remove or improve it. I don't even know how to map with it.
    It would definitely be an interesting thing to do...

    The biggest problem is our changes in the pbs/pokemon.txt file. I have delta pokemon and different stats, so it may not work out 100%.
    Haha, maybe if I made the original scripts I would mind sharing, but all I did was edit somebody else's actual work....so here's my "ActualScene"
    Sorry for not responding to you're VM sooner, I don't frequent PC that much:(

    Anyways, looking at my pic from this thread may help clear up my process.


    It's just like I said, I just made the graphic's big enough to cover the rectangular bars beneath them. Also on a side note, I believe I had to put the code for the exp and health bar before the code for the actual HUD(or whatever you call it), as the .z function wasn't working for me.

    Just ask if you have more questions, I spent so much time trying to figure it out on my own I'm glad to share any advice :)
    It's interesting that you've managed to make it work for Mac, you may need to teach me that trick when I release Pokémon Phoenix Rising.

    Okay, I've promoted it. It'd be nice if you included a link to your previous Melanite thread, so that there's a way to see more of the development history of your game.
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