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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    You're an undead, you gotta get the undead horse from Brill. To get the mounts from other factions, you gotta be exalted with them :D
    And at 35% and below activate Vanish so you get 30% energy recuperation rate, and that's when you use your Vendetta, your on use trinkets if you have any, start using backstab instead of mutilate and when you get 4 stacks or more use cold blood before your evenom. Taht's when your dps really starts kicking in.
    As an experienced rogue, I can show you the rotation so you can maximize your dps. No add-on required, but if you still wanna get some, then no problem :)

    I recommend you get Recount add-on, tho. So you can know your exact dps you're outputting.
    You can add all of my toons if you want. So you will know whenever I'm online on any of them :P

    Sharline, Tagatha, Dokthrall, Bainn, Sharilyn, Zalanzar, Lirsha & Mandrith,
    I never finish mine either and I rarely ask for games. :( I'll play through the first chapter/arc and be like "lol this crap is boring" and repeat. But introductory stuff is always boring so yeah. :D

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY btw, have a fantastic day :D
    Don't we all? :p

    Nope, just chilling with my collection of... 4 3DS games. Not even 4, I think. Maybe 3, lol. But I might get Smash after I get the new Pokemon and Fire Emblem. I loved playing Smash on the wii at my friend's house, those were good times. :D
    But it's no fun being bony and stick-like. :( I'll take your word for it though. :D

    Yup, yup. Some of it gets boring after so much marathoning though. :p I haven't been on because I've lost a lot of interest in playing the game so yeahhh sorry about that. I might hop on in a few minutes thouigh if this thing ever updates. x)
    No worries, take your time. :)

    Well, it's kinda sad when the only way you go is up and not sideways. :( I'm talking like eating a whole room of hamburgers and not gaining anything. It's like being a stick in disguise that eats food a lot. XD

    Ouch. I couldn't do that even if you paid me a million dollars. For me, watching 12 episode anime in chunks is good enough at the moment. :p But that's pretty cool, I wouldn't be able to do that even if I tried. Really hard.

    You'd be surprised, it's possible. :( I cracked a section by dropping my phone one too many times and the result was well ... no wifi. :D
    Aye aye cap'n, will do. Yep it is! Apparently the anime was really rushed and not that great but I still enjoyed it regardless. :p Yeah I've gotten through the first three or so episodes of FMA? I feel really bad for Alphonse, I'd cry if I couldn't eat anything. :( I have a feeling this show will end up being really awesome though so I'll get around to finishing it!

    Oh god, One Piece. Have you actually watched every episode or do you just skip the fillers? :P I can't even handle 64 episodes at the moment, let alone 600+. Maybe I'll get through all of Naruto before taking a look at it, lol. Also woo, SAO II. Been meaning to get around to that but I'm taking a break from SAO to watch other stuff. XD

    Nope, never have. I somehow cracked the wifi section of my phone so yay me. :D
    Yeah, I think so. :( woops

    Its been a whole mix of things, lol. Just been trying to finish all of the stuff I was planning to watch so I went through all of FLCL, Danganronpa and am now halfway through Madoka Magica. Also the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul and trying to get through 100+ episodes of YYH. I've still got 4 more shows with 100+ episodes to go after that as well. ;__;

    It's a lot though. For me at least, since I can't focus on one thing for a very long time. :D I've also really wanted to give Steins Gate and FMA: Brotherhood a go but yeah it's a bit much at the moment. And then I've also wanted to watch shows related to the ones I've already watched :(
    Yeah sure, I'll be on in a bit :D

    Just watching through some anime so give me a while. XD
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