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  • Hmm, how about Ellegarden? What are some other bands you listen to?
    No problem, man. シ
    Girls Dead Monster (Gldemo, for short) is a band from the anime "Angel Beats!" . They're actually really good, you should definitely check 'em out.

    I'll admit, seeing Hyde for the first time was pretty shocking, though...

    Okay, how about MergingMoon, Stance Punks, or Veltpunch?
    Hey, no problem, I've been pretty busy with things IRL myself.

    Any favorite songs from them?
    Also, do you listen to Girls Dead Monster, or L'arc~en~Ciel?
    We don't know if the anime will continue.... Hoshino's irregular releases of new chapters probably postpone a new anime release. There's only material for 2,5 arcs, and that's not nearly enough to make a new full anime. If they do, however, it's most likely they'll continue, since the original anime was quite good and followed the manga quite closely as well (sometimes even corrected some things that manga failed to do). And since the anime has an open ending (not a spoiler, just saying), I see no reason why they shouldn't continue from hereon (~loosely half-way volume 16).
    Uta no Prince-sama in the foreground, D.Gray-man in the background. The later is on hiatus, the former gets new releases every now and then in the form of Drama CDs, music, or events... and a new season in 2015.
    Yeah xD And I also asked for Kingdom Heart 3D but sold out also:/ All tho the guy at the counter told me another gamestop close that has it so I'll go tomorrow and check.
    I had to return TWEWY because it was my friends. But I just bought one now hahaha Like seriously, everywhere I checked sold out. I managed to get the last one in one of the gamestops.
    Fair enough~ Positive thinking is always good.
    The 3rd season of my current favourite series is coming in 2015... That's also quite long. |D
    It won't be out for a while though... First it will come to Japanese cinemas, and then there's the wait for the DVD...
    I won't say a word. :'D That's good. I noticed today on tumblr more teasers of the 2nd movie. I can hardly wait.
    It's not a happy ending, I can tell you that. I bawled my eyes out when I first saw it, but I think that - in a way- it was a nice ending... that kind of suited the serious undertone of the Seishouhen OVA. But I'm glad the manga ended with a positive note, though. :3
    True that. The Seishouhen OVA was good (enfin, I thought it was good, not everyone seems to agree with that), but it didn't really do justice to the manga version.
    It would be great if the Kenshin anime could get a reboot like Fullmetal Alchemist did. I just finished Brotherhood a couple of days ago, and I think they did great. Initially I thought that the speed at which the first few episodes went buy, made the series loose some of its emotional value that was present in the original animation series. But in hindsight, skipping the parts already done well in the first series, created more room for the part which wasn't animated yet.
    I wouldn't mind if Kenshin got similar treatment.

    On a side note, there is always the Tsuiokuhen/Trust&Betrayal OVA which tells the story of Kenshin's hitokiri days. It's still one of my favourite anime OVAs out there (my username was taken from one of the songs of the OST).
    I think it's a great movie, worthy of being called a Kenshin movie. Might not be a 100% faithful adaptation, but it's definitely a great movie.
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