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  • Hello I'm a big fan of you and your games BTW I have a little request for you.... Can you please make a rom hack of sinnoh league according to Ash's anime story please..... Sinnoh is a wonderful region and I want to play the game as Ash's story according to the anime.... Pokemon diamond and pearl nds version is good but it's not according to the anime ????????????
    I can help you with that if you can give me the links of scripts you've used, can help me replace PBS files and tell me if you've done any changes in animations and essentials default scripts then I can update it to v17
    Please help me
    I cant access to the sunnyshore gym
    I battled with Flint and when I went to the gym A man standing in the front is telling
    The Gym leader is somewhere in the town.
    I am playing the latest v2.20
    Please help ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I'm a fan of pokemon fire ash but let me ask a question: when I go to orange islands and go to mikan gym, there is an NPC standing in front of the gym and say: wait your turn I've done enough but don't make that NPC leave the gym at the door, please help me

    Sorry I'm Vietnamese so I'm not good at English =]]
    Thank you so much for Fire Ash.Your team doing so great for making these games.You can even imagine how happy i am when i playing it.
    Greetings. I have been unable to find in the forum the information regarding the save location. Where would that be?
    Hi Reinhartmax, I'm trying to contact you through everywhere I can and my problema is:
    I downloaded the 2.9 version today but the game lags a lot in certain actions, for exemple, when a person challenges me, when I'm in the fight menu to choose my moves, and In the beggining and end of a fight
    I've only played a little and didn't even saved cause I really want the full experience of this game
    My operative system is Windows 10
    Please help :(
    hello...seems i've downloaded the game..and when i click the launcher nothing happened...whats seems to be the problem? or is it my pc is not strong enough?
    Hey! Can you teach me how to make a Game on RPGXP?
    I have been struggling but, haven't learned anything. Would be great if I could learn from you.

    And, if you want to teach me, PM me your Discord ID and Tag. :D
    Thank you so much!
    And one more to say, if you can, please increase the PC-box number, up to 30,40 or etc, because I caught so many PKMS that now I am in trouble with 1 empty box left. Hope that you can add more boxs and more PKMs in the future. Love you!
    Hi Reinhartmax!
    I'm Dat, your fan's game Fire Ash :D I have some questions for you, hope you will reply them soon.
    1/ Where is the Fossil store, please?
    2/ I leveled up my Eevee to lv29 but it doesn't seem to evolve into Sylveon when it learned Charm move. There are 2 scenes: 1 is Eevee is just as it and doesn't evolve into any form, 2 is evolving into Espeon/Umbreon base on day/night time. I'm so confused. Is there any also required way such as holding an item, location...?
    3/ I cannot find any Hydreigon on route 16 on Unova, or Kingler on route 210. Is the rate of some 1% ?
    4/ There are some places that can never be accessed due to the man blocking the door, or the boss is going away, only for staff... So can we access them in the future or are they just there for nothing?
    5/ Some NPCs cannot be to talk with due to no way to reach them, such as the boy at the corner of the ground under the bridge in Sunnyshore City, and the old man with Dodou on the ground under the bridge in Fortree City. Are they just be for nothing, too? The bridge in the Fortree City seems weird as you can walk into the air from the bridge to the ground, near flying Fearow, and there are 2 houses with doors there that cannot be going into.
    6/ Do you remember where to receive Master Ball before Sinnoh and how many Master Balls are there in the game?
    I'm so sorry if my English is not fluent. Hope that it doesn't mind you to read a long text above. I appreciate your effort to update the game and fix all the problems.
    Best regard :D
    1/ I received Root Fossil and Claw Fossi from the man in Izabe Desert. I gave the Root to the scientist in Rubusto City (Devon Corporation) but when I returned, he said that it didn't live too long ...fortunately and he was sorry about that. So I didn't get Lileep. But when I tried giving the Claw to the scientist in Cinnabar it worked and turned out to be Anorith. You guys, please help me to solve this problem cuz with this, I can't complete the Pokedex :( Or anyone know how to restore the saved game file to the previous one? I right-clicked on the file but there was nothing. Please help me. Thank you so much!
    2/ Anyone know how to unfollow Pikachu and use the bike instead? Cuz the game is somehow slow.
    Overall, thank you so much for creating this awesome game. I love it!
    Are You planing to upgreade Pokemon Fire Ash to Pokemon essential 17? If not can I try?
    I was trying to do that, but don't have acces to PBS files, even after using All decrypter, the data and graphic is not enought, or was there so big change form 15 to 16 to 17 pok essential?
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