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  • TCG Tournament time! I'm GMT-4 and available evenings and weekends. Just message me when you can do!
    Well, it helped in the end xD And you were great help reminding me of the Flame Orb. Completely forgot about that one.
    Alrighty, Necrum was nice enough to trade me a flame orb ^-^ we're back in the game!
    And hey, don't worry about it ^^ I kinda just tried to think about ways to make it happen and I couldn't come up with anything so I got rather annoyed c.c didn't mean to shot you right down like this >_< I apologize.
    You can only trade on Gen VI now as they took down the nintendo WFC for generations IV and V. That being said, I don't know of anyone who could trade me a Flame Orb, but I guess I could ask around.
    I saw that you changed your trick to Burned from Paralyzed. That's probably gonna be even harder to achieve and I'm sorry to say but you seem like you clearly didn't give it much thought and only figured you'd find something that sounded difficult enough. Given that we couldn't come to an accord on the whole trick issue, as I have already told Necrum, I will play the challenge for myself and on my own terms without posting updates since I don't plan to follow the imposed trick rule because I already barely have any time to play as it is and I've been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to make it work to no avail. So I appreciate you throwing your contribution out there, but given the fact that the only plausible way in which I could follow the rule you imposed on me 100% would be through some sort of cheating, I am not going to bother with it. I shall kindly suggest that you try your very own trick idea in any game of your choice and then you'll see how tediously annoying, close to impossible that would be in most of the games.

    I'm not trying to be rude but I figured I should let you know either way.
    You can change the starter into an Eevee unless you wanna use one of the starters. And Sleep would probably be even worse lol xD I don't think I know anything that can put my pokemon to sleep or paralyze them in X/Y before every single gym and rival battle .-.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll give it a try I suppose, but mandatory status effect rules like that are quite difficult to accomplish tbh and given that I barely have any time to play as it is, I'm not very keen on spending hours finding something to paralyze/put my pokemon to sleep before every single major battle xD
    Oh and if you're playing on an emulator use the Pokemon Randomizer to get the National Dex from the beginning so everything can evolve just fine.
    hai xD If you could also come up with an idea on how I could paralyze myself before every Gym & stuff, I would gladly take on that trick xD And fml you have so many rivals in X/Y and I never completed the game before so I dunno when I'll run into them xD it sounds... intriguing to say the least but I can't figure out a way to purposely get my pokemon paralyzed xD
    Oh, that's alright, haha. I really appreciate that you did all of that, thank you so much!
    Hey, are those all the bugs you found? It ends at the end of the second gym, not sure if you knew.. thanks for finding them!
    Well, not technically new. My signature explains. I was even "famous" for a little while here... or at least it felt like it. Haha
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