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  • hello!!
    yes I have, it's a lot of work sometimes to own a website, but still fun \o/ hope you're having a good day =)
    Sorry for the delay, was a bit busy this week! I have updated the claims thread now. :)
    nice! it's hard for me to choose just two... @_@ I really don't know. I like Diancie and Cinccino, but I love so many others too. the more new pokémon come out the harder it gets!
    I haven't entered. >.< Was too busy, plus my internet just came back up after being down a week lol..
    Did you edit your avatar or profile picture? They're different things. I see you have Reshiram as your profile picture on your profile but not your avatar. You can change it here:


    If that's what you did and it still isn't showing just let me know and I'll add it for you, might be because you're on your phone =)
    Did you try uploading it by entering a URL? Or did you save it, then upload it through your computer? Try saving it and uploading through the computer by clicking "Choose File" in the avatar change page if you were using the URL method!
    Can you show me the picture you're trying to use as an avatar? I'll help! :)
    going to reply here since it's easier for me to keep track! hope that's okay c:

    and not much going on here, done with my last work day for the week after four days of working in a row. now i'm free until monday! congrats on 1,000 flags, i got that a few months ago and haven't really been active on alpha sapphire since. ;_; need to find more things to breed but the masuda method is tedious. right now i'm trying to beat mario & luigi dream team.
    I've managed to find a lot more shinies in Pokemon X, but only because X is my main, and Y I had planned to do some hunts on, maybe a Nuzlocke.
    Shiny bold Vaporeon sounds like an awesome choice, would love one too. purple vappy is super cute! But I don't like the new shiny Espeon, the green in X/Y 3D models looks baaaad... :(
    That's pretty awesome even if the IVs aren't max; you're pretty lucky. I've yet to get a shiny through some of the events and don't think I ever will. My most valued is probably my 5IV adamant shiny Mawile or the bold 5IV shiny Ampharos.. though it's hard to pick. Have so many great Pokemon.
    Hi hi! I'm about to replay Crystal (again) and going to get back into Pokemon X. :3 Need to soft reset that Pokeball Vivillon for a good nature. Good luck trying to get shinies!
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