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  • Ahh that's understandable but you should let us know in the event you're unable to post moves and what not. You can always delegate someone if RL becomes too hectic and remember RL>PC every time.
    Hi! Just wondering if you had plans of hiring an outlaw? We're moving on to battle #2 in FTE!
    Want the honor of finishing Duskull-B off? Then move to M18 and whack it with a Wing Attack. Cuddles could do the job too with Rollout but your move is virtually guaranteed to hit and finish the job. Pansear retreated so we only have a wounded Meowth left.
    So Windmill made his move and is moving back to do a Razor Leaf. You're now free to move in and use Pluck on Lombre. I estimate both moves should be enough to KO the boss. If it some how survives with like 2 HP, we can risk Cuddles going in and using Whirlpool on it.
    Confusion is a Rn 3 move, hence can only be used on targets 3 squares away. If you can get in close, it can't be used. Rinnia has used it several times since the game began(in fact, aside from Round 4, she's used it three times). Its her best Attack, although I intend to use her Fairy Move in Round 6 on Nuzleaf(Dark don't like Fairy). Glacier's Ice move is x4 on Gligar and why I was hoping it'd slide down to come into range. I wasn't expecting Salandit-A to sprint though but rather move down near D4 so as to really pull you away from the group to attack it while also threatening Glacier with Ember. Despite it being in Tall Grass, if Round 4 is any indication, you're going to KO Salandit-A with Rock Throw while still being relatively close to lend a hand in Round 6 against whats left of Nuzleaf's gang. As much as I'd like to use Glacier more, there really isn't any targets that he'd be effective against other than Nuzleaf. Even Lombre resists him a bit due to its Water Typing and Pansear would be its deterrent to come in close anyway.

    The moves I listed in my post(which I edited in) are the moves I'd make first. I jostled back and forth on where Elwind should move to KO Gothita but I settled on N3 because if I move Black, I'd like to move him to M2 to use Fury Cutter on Nuzleaf(Pursuit or no Pursuit). Figure that if Black is going to go down, he might as well go down fighting.
    I think Lycan made a mistake on our moves but whats done is done I think lol. Your priority is Salandit-A. Rinnia will go after Salandit-C. Hopefully both of you can OHKO them because that will open up Yungoos while removing their Fire/Poison moves from play. Glacier is going after Gligar because it has a x4 Type advantage(Ground/Flying really, really doesn't like ICE). STAB + x4 + Special = OHKO in my book(Harden ineffective muwhahaha).

    I'll be moving down to burn Karrablast. I don't think I'll OHKO it but badly hurt it. In which case Priscilla will finish it off so that Elwind can feel at ease while finishing Gothita off(Dark > Psychic). If Rinnia manages to OHKO Salandit-C, Nah will move to its spot and Dragon Rage Yungoos, else move to J1 to finish it off with same move. Mags will move to K2(+6 HP) and Thundershock Yungoos(which may KO it). If Yungoos is gone, Black is free to move into its spot and giving a x4 move on Nuzleaf. It won't finish it off but its going to hurt nonetheless.
    If it goes down as I anticipate, Salandit-A is going to move down the cliff with Gligar. This will put pressure on our Southern group since Rinnia will have to decide on whom to attack. If Gligar comes down the cliff, I'm leaning towards attacking Salandit-A, Gligar and Salandit-C with Confusion, Powder Snow and Rock Throw respectively, hopefully OHKO'ing all three(Rinnia on Salandit-A, Glacier on Gligar and you on Salandit-C). Elwind would finish Gothita off if she's still alive(which I expect her to be), Nah uses Dragon Rage on Karrablast(bringing it down to 19 HP and Priscilla finishes it off with Spark(or comes close to doing so while also blocking off Karrablast from attacking Elwind). Black will then use Fury Cutter on Yungoos(and fall in the process either way due to Pursuit Damage or Enemy Phase of Round 5).

    That's just for the Southern Group heh. Up North, I have no idea what he intends to do but Drowzee and 1 of those Ghost Types would be on my hit list.
    Salandit's Ember can be carried out from K1 or the square Yungoos occupies. Since one can move through squares allies occupy, I fully expect Yungoos to move from K1 to L1 and use Pursuit on Black during the Enemy Phase. This will lockdown Black from moving while also forcing our hand on who we counter-attack. To make it harder on us, he will try and block off Yungoos by moving Salandit to its West(K1) and using Ember on Mags(SE move that will do a lot of Damage. It won't OHKO her due to her ability but it'll still sting). Then Gothita(if she isn't KO'd by Black and I expect her to still be alive, albeit badly wounded) would move to N3 and use Confusion(STAB). That ought to be enough to KO Mags. Then Karrablast will move to M2(where Gothita was) and use a Rn1 move(w/e he has I dk) to weaken Black further and hopefully pushing his HP below the mark needed for Pursuit to finish him off. Then Nuzleaf will either stand pat to guard Yungoos' right flank or move to attack Hit.

    All in all, I expect to lose one Ally during Enemy Phase and there really wasn't much I could do about it. Short of Black OHKO Sneasel-D and then you moving to Rock Throw Salandit-C(which I don't think you could have done), Nah or Mags still would have been KO'd :/
    So as I said in thread, I was wrong and clearly I have no freaking idea as to what damage people will do. Apparently that's the element RNG provides since Felix did nearly as much damage as you with a weaker Attack stat(I'm aware Felix's Attack was special and not physical, just noting the diffference in Pokemon stats). Suppose my poor estimates are due to simply being new to this. I mean I know Glacier's Ice Move isn't SE on Fighting but to only do 17 damage... seems like the low end if you ask me. Had STAB and was a moderate move too.

    Anyways, what do you think of my suggestions for Rinnia, Elwind and Black? I have Black moving to L2(Pancham's spot) and using Fury Cutter on Gothita. I don't expect Black to KO it(would have to do as much damage as you and Felix to do that) but still enough to really hurt it and force Lycan's hand with regards to Yungoos. Rinnia will move and teleport to K4, putting her in position to attack Salandit in Round 5 while Elwind sprints to K5 to Shield Rinnia's flank while also moving down there to lend a hand in Round 5.

    As for what Lycan will do, I expect Yungoos to move to L1 and use Pursuit on Black. The move will get amplified from Stakeout ability, hence boosting its damage(estimate maybe 15-20 Damage). Salandit will then move to K1 and Use Ember on Mags(Super Effective but her Sturdy ability will prevent OHKO). As for Gothita, I'd then move her to N3 and use Confusion on Mags(hence fainting her most likely). As for Nuzleaf and Karrablast, I don't know what they will do but I'd expect them to try and cover Yungoos while attacking Black as he's the biggest threat to Nuzleaf.

    I then expect Salandit and Gligar to slide down from the West while the two Ghost Types either fall back or move up and Attack Mercy. Not sure what he will do with Drowzee but due to its movement, it's all but dead unless it knows Teleport. Therefore I'd stand my ground and hit Coral with another Confusion attack that hopefully causes Confusion.
    Tall Grass boosts Defense(both Physical and Special). I suppose the lone advantage you have over Black is that you have STAB with your move while Black does not. With that in mind, you might do ~30 damage on your Rock Throw Attack if it connects but I'd be very surprised if you did 36 damage to KO Sneasel. Either way we look at it, all that matters is that we KO Sneasel because its Ice attack(if it has one) does x4 to Nah.

    If you DO manage to KO Sneasel, I'll have Black move to L2 and use Fury Cutter on Gothita. It would severely hurt her but not prevent her from doing a move.
    You won't OHKO Sneasel. Its in Tall Grass and your attack isn't as strong as Black's is right now(51 >40). Black did 32 damage against a Sneasel in open terrain back in Round 2. You'll probably do ~20-25 damage in this situation if you connect on Rock Throw and Black will finish it off. If I'm Lycan as gamemaster, Black is a bigger threat due to it knowing Fury Cutter so I expect Yungoos to use Pursuit on it after moving to J1 to prevent Black from moving. Meaning if we want Black to whack Nuzleaf in Round 5, we'd have to KO Yungoos. Meaning we'd have to do the following if that happens:

    Mags to K2(Flowers to heal if she's alive), Thundershock on Yungoos and hopefully does 19 damage on Yungoos(unlikely but there's a reason why). Then Nah moves to K1 and uses Dragon Rage on Yungoos. If Mags does 19 damage, Dragon Rage will KO Yungoos, allowing Black to move. If not, you'll have to use Rock Throw on Yungoos to finish it off so that Black can move without taking Pursuit damage. Then Black can go after Nuzleaf and Gothita with his Super Effective BUG TYPE move :). Rinnia and Priscilla can KO Salandit in Round 5, hence Karrablast, Gothita and Nuzleaf will be the remaining ones to deal with and perhaps the Salandit and Gligar coming from the west(via the Cliff).
    A thought did cross my mind with Rinnia though. If she moves to M6, she can prevent Ember from being used! Granted it'd open her up to Bug and Poison moves so its a question of who wants to take a hit for the team?
    Thing is its unlikely Black will OHKO Sneasel-D. The last one he attacked had 33 HP due to being one level lower and was in Open Terrain. He left it with 1 HP and hence I moved and took 18 Pursuit damage to finish it off in Round 2. Odds are Black won't be OHKO'ing Sneasel-D unless he gets lucky with a Critical Hit, leaving you to finish it off from using Rock Throw at J3.

    As for what Pokemon to go after if he should get lucky like that, Salandit is a possibility . However, I think Rinnia can nearly handle it herself seeing as she nearly OHKO'd the last one we had the displeasure of facing and if it should happen to go after her, she can move, use Confusion on it and then others from our Northern group can finish it off. Odds are he'll try to gang up on one of our new allies down here with his weakened attack in an attempt to KO one of our Pokemon. Kind of unthinkable that we've been able to go this long without someone going down lol.

    Plus I was thinking of having you move to L2(where Pancham was) and using Rock Throw on Karrablast. Just something about Bug Types that bugs me lol. Salandit or Karrablast is who I'd go after if Sneasel-D should fall but the priority is Sneasel-D because he does x4 on Nah and the worrisome thing is that Rock Throw isn't a gurantee to KO him due to 90% Accuracy.

    Anyways, you might as well make your move now because I don't think Black will get THAT lucky. I recommend moving to J3 and using Rock Throw on Sneasel-D. That way if you hit, Black can finish it off with Fury Cutter. Lycan will then likely respond with Yungoos moving to J1 and using Pursuit on Black because his Fury Cutter is that dangerous(especially against Nuzleaf). Salandit will likely move to K5 and use Ember on Mags(SE move that's not affected by the Growl), Gothita moves to N3 and uses Confusion on Mags and Karrablast moves to L3 and finishes Mags off with w/e. Not sure what he'll do with Nuzleaf but I suppose he'll attack Priscilla or Nah.
    Just a friendly poke on FTE. You can move right now to J3 and use Rock Throw, or wait until Black moves before making yours.
    hey ! when are you free for battle in gen 4 ru tour? i can battle on wednesday, friday, and saturday at 4pm Gmt (my timezone is gmt+5:30).
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