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    i cant believe that we probably went to the same university for four years and never met each other
    Do you have an old OC you'd like to use again? Maybe a new idea you'd like to try? Or maybe you just want to get in a fight! Come sign up for The Arena! The Arena: Where all kinds of characters can meet up and kill each other!

    Now Accepting Sign Ups
    Thanks Retro. So I've to make a new character or previous one is fine with some minor changes. I was thinking of pillar magic.
    Hey Retro! How're you? I tried so hard to avoid pc and your RP but i can't. Is it still possible that i can join your RP? I promise i will try to be active 2 or 3 days in a week.
    Hey Retro! I want to apologize man sorry because I'm not going to active for sometime you know real life kicked in. So I can't really play in your rp. I really want to. Sorry bud, love you ~
    Nope, I mean let assume my character wears a simple shirt and jeans. Now I get selected as front liner then he's going to wear same shirt and jeans in place like that.

    What about I PM you my SU but it still need correction that's why I doesn't post it in thread. You're going to get idea what I'm saying.
    Hey Retro! How're you? I wanted to ask you that my character's appearance in real life is simple and in other place where he worked as frontliner more like mercenary so... where I can write that.
    That fine haha ill end the event alittle after you respond then and i understand ill be starting that soon enough :/
    Hey wanted to know what you think of the towns and cities name before going forward with the next event! Lemme know what you think :D
    hey! do you think you could elaborate in your post in the let's watch pokemon thread? i probably wasn't clear but i'd appreciate some thoughts on the stream rather than just a clarification
    Oh, I'm sure you're all very nice!! But I was thinking that maybe I should perhaps start with something smaller and more manageable; I don't want Kingmarch to die off quickly just because I don't have much experience under my belt :c
    Aww youre too nice c:

    Hahaha i want to!! But GMing is very daunting and i have barely any experience...and something of that size doesnt look very easy to run ^_^"
    Heya, as a broke high school student i would just like to thank you for bequathing (???) the supportership that i could not afford haha
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