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  • ermerger this is 4 months late bc i just logged in lol but YES I DOOO kinda lol
    "None of us have weapons" I said in Onzorian with a manic tone, "After all, uns are such a little girl's weapon, so why don't you come over here and allow me to kill you like a man."
    How would Germaine react to being threatened verbally? More specifically, by a man who is laughing manically, calling him a girl, and walking out alone?
    Few more things:
    -How big is the city they are in?
    -Are there police/police stations?
    -Should people be seein what is going on?
    -Is there a trigger (or does there have to be one) for magic? (Anger, love, a word, or concentration?)
    -Is magic physically or mentally draining? (Or is it separate entirely)
    Heyhey i have a question about the exalted ones. Could you give a couple examples of what role a scout would play in battle? Like what's the difference between a spy and a scout?
    One more thing, case you don't mind my constant bugging. Mnd to tell me your opinion on the idea discussed on this one post?
    Hello, hello ~
    I'm just gonna casually drop the HOLON mythos Titanpad link over here. Password is HOLON (shhhh, it's a secret!). I also brought a box full of cookies. However, I ate them all, so right now it's just an empty box *hands box anyways*
    Wouldn't make sense for special forces units to not speak the language of their enemies fluently tbh, at least not in real life. Back when I lived in Bragg (Where army special forces were often stationed) a lot of the guys were required to learn multiple languages, my neighbor had to learn arabic in six months (he wasn't special forces though).
    So what would happen if Check, say, went into the city, mugged someone for money, and then used the money to buy food? Or slightly less extreme, if he explored the city? Would people know he is Kalbionian?

    Furthermore, would he need to speak Onzorian?
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