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  • Thanks ^_^ Yeah, i guess they're not the best games for a boy xD I love her cuteness too^^ And her fashion sense is wonderful as well :3

    Chikorita has been a huge favorite starter of mine for years, by the way. I have a lot of fond memories of my old pokemon crystal starter :3 I've had dreams about training with him too. Like one where he was a bayleef and i was real life ish training him outside a cave and we faught pidgey. It was autumn in the dream too and leaves were falling as i walked home with my brother later on in the dream. Possibly one of the most beautiful dreams I ever had :D

    Even if I am more a spring person and i've also had many dreams with flowers in them too xD
    Awww! Thanks! :3 I love hello kitty. I have video games of her too ^_^ Cube Frenzy and Roller Rescue. You may wanna get them someday too :3 they're peaceful and fun^^

    Are you interested in joining my korrina forum? I can pm you the url. I don't want it shared though. I'm always nervous of being attacked by trolls again^^'''
    studying, homework, listening to lots of music, and procrastinating on youtube watching videos on the Switch because I'm hoping to get one for my birthday soon

    sorry for not replying for a long time

    post-hurricane, everything got pretty much back to normal after a couple weeks. For a few days there was a mandatory curfew to prevent looters. Street lights didnt work and trees still blocked some of the roads for about a week, but you could still get places (albeit slowly). My school did not get flooded, but we couldn't go back to school for 11 days. There are still signs missing/bent/damaged, but its 99% alright now.

    hurricane Irma is coming my way... i wont have internet. i just lost it and it came back on, so yea. stay safe if your in florida like me
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the events this year, especially since I'm one of the event hosts for the first time.
    I don't know. People who didn't get a team will be randomly picked one when stuff begins.

    Besides, I just can't imagine myself being in one of the other teams.
    I didn't like that whole "region Olympics thing" because the team choices were biased towards older generations.

    This year's Harry Potter-themed teams definitely work out better because it doesn't scream that one team will have more dominance over the others.
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