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  • That was certainly.. something. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

    I was, uhm, busy enjoying the final days of my vacation I suppose XD You?
    Ah, I guess I'm not just used to seeing it unstickied.

    Completely irrelevant question. What's the most creative way you could think of that could emotionally harm a person without actually hurting them physically?
    I used to be like that until one day I found myself not wanting to be here anymore. It's not anyone's fault, it was mine. I lost interest in the Pokemon franchise long before that but the people here made me want to stay, and so I did. Yet, with the people I hang out with the most, I knew that was going to be tormenting. So I just left. Without a word, in fact. But what's important is that I'm back and I am happy that at least some people missed me ;)

    You seem to have a lot of free time. How's school?
    Well, I've recently finished the Hunger Games series through an ebook I found in an app on my phone. I intend on buying a hard copy sometime soon (hopefully tomorrow). You?
    Haha, I see. :p Imma make you a theme next time! I'm not good at CSS but at least I don't suck at graphixx.

    I'm downgrading the quality because VLC refuses to play it without glitching up. ;____; It is actually the latest One Piece movie. Someone just released a subtitle file today. Had the extension ".ass". Actually, the movie played just fine before. Once I renamed the ".ass" file and VLC started using it as the subs it started to get really glitchy and laggy. Never happened to me before. O_o;

    Fair enough. Not everyone can like it, I suppose. :p
    okay I have no idea what's wrong with it myself. not good at CSS myself then, haha. :p

    I dunno what I was doing back when you asked the question but I'm converting a movie right now. Converting it from 1080p to 720p. And I hope you're feeling better now. :3

    also the version of one piece you saw is not an indication of what the real thing is at all. the ones who did the dub for CN butchered the series. TOO MANY CHANGES IN THE ANIME!!! but okay, you 'hate' the art style so it doesn't really matter.
    i've been doing like nothing since forever :'( maybe i'll come back here and look around more!!

    how bout yourself? :o
    I disabled your signature merely because a scrollbar was visible to me. But now I've been notified of the fact that that itself isn't necessarily a reason to warrant the disabling of a signature. An apology is necessary - I'm sorry. ;_________;

    But yeah, there's probably some problem with the CSS. One of the div's heights is probably a little more than it is supposed to be or something. I'm no CSS wizard but I'll be available for help if you require any.

    With that out of the way, how've you been? Been a loooooong time since we last talked, right? :3
    Aight. Just glad to see you alright and that I'm able to talk to you in one piece.

    Yep I think I got the KH1 and Re:CoM parts down. Days though I'm wondering whether the voice actors will take their voice acting seriously or just do a half-assed job with it. I trust that the trailer is simply being bad at showing synced voices like always, because seeing them talk so awkwardly in that trailer is just weird. The Xemnas secret fight I'm looking forward to as well. :3 I wonder if they made it KH2 camera (a little father away from Sora's back) like Re:CoM because I haven't really been paying attention with the camera. KH1's camera was just way too close behind Sora's back.
    That is true! If taking the time off lets you think things through and alleviate all that stress, then I suppose that's really the best approach to things. I mean I missed you around, but even I think it's dumb to stress over a forum like you say. I hope you're alright now, man.

    Aha, I suppose. That's one way to look at it. And yeah! That Days cutscene compilation! And updated KH1 controls whoa. I wonder if the voice acting for Days will be up to par with the main titles. I hope the recent PAX trailer isn't a sign of the voice acting being subpar.
    Aw. That's too bad.

    And I think we're all in the same rut. I've been busy because of school, life and video games as well.
    Whoa, it's been a while since we've talked, SA. I've been good for the most part! How are you doing?
    Uh... I'd have to check for an NDA, but its not a typical call center. It only takes all inbound calls and is not tech support.

    I'm saying practical from a working while going to school standpoint. Living expenses don't pay themselves!

    It won't be me, either! I don't have money until Friday!
    Going alright so far. Still in training for the next week.

    If it's even practical to take a full-load in the summer.

    Clearly it can't be you. :P
    Well, there is that Call Center job I've been working to get. I've just gotta take a drug test next week and then training starts the 25th.

    Maybe 2 if I'm lucky in most cases.

    Well, I do have this one, and it's worth $100, so that makes me pretty happy:

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