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  • Hey, it's neither, just RNG. If you're using save states to reset them then it's a lack of RNG caused by that.
    hey i saw your spriting abilities in the forums. was wondering if you're up for spriting some fakemon for me with the concept art i have. willing to commission you :]
    1. Yeah, I'm currently working on them.
    2. Yeah Battle Engine Upgrade only works in r45. Whereas pokeruby requires r47.
    I'll tell you on discord on how handle these/
    3. I have your discord handle. I'll reach you out.
    Well yeah I kinda did haha. At first I didn't feel like digging into all the researching and debugging another time, but as I saw how Emerald seemed to gain so much popularity due to Egg's battle engine, I kinda started to feel like I needed to react to that and port it to Emerald, so people don't have to choose between the battle engine and the palette engine.
    Assuming that Emerald handles palettes similarly to FireRed, you'd have to find the equivalent routines to the ones that I hooked and change the hooks accordingly, however there's quite certainly more to it than that. It's also worth noting that there's no need for you to do that research, as I'm planning to do it myself next month. :) Unless you really want to do it.
    Well I've finished Gen 1-4 Pokemon data. In terms of Pokemon sizes in the pokedex, dex descriptions, abilities , sprites and their positioning, etc. Can't say for Gens 5-7 because I haven't finished all the sprites yet. In terms of helping pop message me on discord.
    MrDS is working on the data. He might know about the time it takes. You can start working on Item Data if you want.
    ok so ruby things
    just a little update. did a quick little disassembly of the routine referenced in andrea's asm, and it's literally just three commands leading to another 5 commands leading to another routine that looks like it's a "main" portion of a routine

    EDIT: searching for the main routine leads to a VERY VERY common routine style used or something. it's used 37 times with the exact same bytes prior to its occurrence at 08020996 in ruby; the 37th occurrence in fire red is like somewhere in the early 08010000's
    check out vba's disassembly view. it's actually better because we have the idb for fr~
    (i don't have computer access atm or i'd attempt it myself ahaha)
    i'm largely jumping to conclusions here but
    try 21CCE as the branch to the asm routine (00 4A 10 47 XX XX XX 08)
    21C3A - 02 21
    21D70 - 01 20

    asm routine at XX XX XX
    NOTE: incomplete, i haven't managed to find the equivalents for the first two addresses
    Nah, you should figure out what's going on. I've downloaded it freshly and tried it, it does seem to work fine. It could be your version of the ROM.
    1) Make sure devkitarm is in your path
    2) Change these lines in insert to be windows paths.

    PATH = '\opt\devkitpro\devkitARM\bin'
    PREFIX = 'arm-none-eabi-'
    OBJCOPY = os.path.join(PATH, PREFIX + 'objcopy')
    OBJDUMP = os.path.join(PATH, PREFIX + 'objdump')
    NM = os.path.join(PATH, PREFIX + 'nm')
    AS = os.path.join(PATH, PREFIX + 'as')
    CC = os.path.join(PATH, PREFIX + 'gcc')
    CXX = os.path.join(PATH, PREFIX + 'g++')

    If you're still having troubles, feel free to head to http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=339708
    Hi. I left it off right before battlescript execution. Right now it sends out Pokemon and stops right before anything in the battle actually happens.

    For the battle hpbox thing, I think you should just wait for me to insert them into the ROM base and see if you can get a hold of that.
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