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  • You're not the only one, I just Google some ideas. XD Google is your friend~ Or so they say.

    ...Don't let the PS3 leaaave! o: Mine will be getting some attention soon when I get some money. Sims 3. :D Never played Call of Duty before but I really have wanted too for some reason, just to see what everyone was getting all excited about really. Aha, you're playing some good games there!
    Haha, yeah. Yeah, that could be it. My best friend fell in LOVE with the game... And really, I was fine with it because Core Design were simply trying something new. It was still an action/adventure game, it just had some random questioning, but other than that you still had the same elements as other Tomb Raider games, really. Just no evil villain returning from the past to destroy the world. I always had a thing for Tomb Raider 1 and 3. Jacqueline Natla and Sophia Leigh always caught my eye, the business women are always the cool ones who have things to fight with! lol. I was going to name my two daughters after them.

    I really loved Crush and Ripto and learned to love Gulp from Gateway to Glimmer. But the storyline seemed kind of bare to me, I like the story of Year of the Dragon just a little bit more. Bianca really shocked me because I always love 'the one in cloak' lol. And she was a 'bad guy' who really had a heart of gold. I thought Bianca was way too cool.

    Yes. I own pretty much all the game systems.
    I do not know much about Zelda, so that is one thing I would not be able to debate with you on, but Tomb Raider is something that I am like an encyclopedia on. Angel of Darkness was a wonderful game in my opinion, there was nothing at all wrong with it that I could see. If you think Angel of Darkness, The Last Revelation, and Chronicles were bad, you OBVIOUSLY haven't played Crystal Dynamics' games, have you? Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld? Horrid. Absolutely horrid. Everyone *****es and moans about the last three Core games, but I think they were great. Angel of Darkness was going to be a trilogy, but nope. Crystal had to come in and **** them up.
    If you saw my YouTube, you'd understand how strongly I feel about Tomb Raider. My name is JacquelineNatla (After my idol and favorite Tomb Raider character) and I have all KINDS of videos bashing Crystal, honestly. They absolutely SUCK.

    I hate when games change developers. Spyro started to suck, Sonic HAS been sucking, and Tomb Raider is the worst of all. Pokemon and Rayman have stayed the same, and yes. Rayman Revolution and the Great Escape were all on DreamCast, PS2, and N64. They are pretty much the same game. Rev has a little more stuff added on.
    I have been into Rayman a little more over a year. Crash Bandicoot I never got into. Spyro, absolutely. I was in LOVE with the first three, but I think Year of the Dragon was the best. I named my cats Hunter and Bianca after the characters.
    Yup, good old U.K! Hmm, well I suppose different ones have different stocks I have a strange one nearby I guess. Wow, that was bargain in the making for you.

    Thought so. It isn't! It's rather easy once you get used too it. Yup! It's like that! Yes, IVs are difficult, I was being taught them before but that was a while back and now I've completely lost it out of my head otherwise I would help you with IVs. Never heard of that but I'm not surprised there is something like that.

    T.T Poor PS3! You'll have to start using it eventually!
    I have! CEX the shop has a small amount, when I say small I mean tiny. I think I have those two games as well actually, but I've never thought of selling. Too precious. <3 I don't sell things often unless I can't actually use it or have something waaaaay better.

    I know that would be nice to see but I don't think they will do that because nobody (excluding you) has ever thought of it I bet.

    My dad wont let me change it, viruses and such apparently can get in easier or something to that effect, I've never been allowed to change it. I use it for battling, it's pretty tough as there are so many EV trainers out there! I love EV training every so often too so I do love the challenge out there you can get. Trading never was my thing.
    I actually played both Colosseum and XD, but I was never really a huge fan of those games. I have just always been a huge fan of those 3D 'go ANYWHERE!' games, lol. And the whole scooter thing kind of put me off. I was also incredibly put off by two other things mostly... One, being the wild Pokemon. Buying the Pokemon food and being in the damn middle of a big place and having to run out and check on the PokeSpot sucked ass so much. And the biggest complaint I have of all would be when the bad guys offered you to join them, you really had no choice, even though the game made you think that you did. I wanted to join sides. But nope. Eivana MUST be the hero. It was awful! And yeah... I think I would have gone with a Wii because it plays GameCube games as well. I would never sell any of my systems though for any amount of money. lol. I guess I got attached.

    Yeah. I never really fell into the Zelda craze, but I am pretty sure by the end of it my sister will get me into it. She's gotten me into all kinds of other stuff... I'm more the Tomb Raider (Core Design), Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 kind of person. I actually don't like RPG's much... The turn based battle system is horrid for me, but I think it's okay in Pokemon because I just got used to it over time. King of Fighters is a huge addiction of mine. I love Ash Crimson to death, lol.

    I wish for a remake of Rayman 1, actually. You know how awesome that would be to see Mr. Dark and Bad Rayman in 2D graphics like 'The Great Escape'? Daaaamn.
    Damn, that's a lot of Pokemon games to be playing at once! I was playing XD too, but I just couldn't be bothered to play it any more it kinda just drifted off, Colosseum was always better for myself. I'm not surprise actually at that, I've seen a far few GameCube games and gone "What the heck, how much?!" at it then shuffled away; GameCube's are barely on the shelves now. T.T I miss them, mines starting to overheat now and I will be wanting a new one but yeah...

    Oooh, lucky you! You do have a lot of luck somehow. Aha, but it's the fun you're having not the quality of the game on the screen. It's like playing an old game and having loads of fun yet it's one of those crap ones.

    True, true. Dugtrio is a pretty difficult one to spot. That's the problem with shinies, they seem to pop up when you don't ever have anything on you or you have a weak Pokemon on your team and they are like level 37 and you have a level 7 out as you where training or something.

    I lost the stick for my Wi-Fi, my dad had it and I'm not sure were it vanished too. But my Wii has Wi-Fi from using my router but the security setting won't let my use that to be my Wi-Fi for my DS so I do have Wi-Fi technically in a way just not were I want it.
    The only reason I thought of Halloween was the PokeCommunity's theme currently is Halloween.

    Well everything takes time! Once you feel as though you want to paint it, you'll do it even with extra work, if you want it done you'll get it done as soon as you feel you have the money and time to do it. It'll look great once you get to doing it though!

    Yes, it will be most likely similar I have to admit after joining a few other forums, it is pretty similar. All right, if you do get stuck I'll be glad to help. Well, for me it's just at the time what my favourite thing is maybe you could have a theme of what you did on your Pokemon game just recently? Ahh, I wish I had Wi-fi on my DS still. T.T Have you gotten their Pokemon yet? Wow, I'm surprised you never noticed it was a shiny Pokemon it's something I've always noticed when they appear (not often like...). Oooh, you were so close to losing it, but I'm glad you didn't, you have now a shiny (and you the fact you would have gone mental is scary!) to show off somehow.
    It looks superb! I'm a fan here. Orange and black always do seem to look pretty epic together, I'm a big fan of the mixture and also it seems quite Halloween-like as well as if you've taken the tradition coming soon into mind. Actually yes, I've seen a black and orange room an it looked fantastic, but with your PS3 and such matching that would be a brilliant.

    What about your favourite Pokemon or something to that sector? I don't make mine either so I put credit in my Biography saying that I found mine from another website and go away with that. But I tend to Photobucket it all, really it's preference of website. Aha, you do better than me with paint then, I couldn't even draw a stick person. Lazy is goooood! o: Do you know how to change your avatar and signature by the way?

    Congrats on your shiny! :D
    I chose attacks on how powerful they looked. Anything that would almost or if they would 1 hit KO an enemy I liked it. No matter how much it was.

    I love my GameCube. I have had my GameCube for many years, I own all kinds of game systems and I would never sell a single one of them. I didn't really like Pokemon XD that much, I like 3D games where I can go anywhere and travel between the towns and it seemed that XD didn't want me to do that! lol. I'm more the Sonic Adventure 2 type! lol. Or Tomb Raider 1. Battle Rev was better to me than XD, but I still got annoyed at the fact that my Pokemon don't level up. That's what ruined it for me.
    That's good.
    Yeah, sort-of takes most of the work out of it seeing as they automatically level to 100 in battles. But also saves you an arse load of time ha.
    I know how you feel, when I started I was completely lost too, but if you have help it gets you far.

    This may be long....XD;

    Right-o then. All you need to do for your profile to get colours on it is: Go to the top left corner where "User CP" is and click that and a drop down menu should appear with at the top "User Control Panel", click that. On the left side you will have a bar with many hyperlinks in which you can change settings and such, look for "Customize Profile" in there you can choose your font and such. If you click the boxes (which should be blank) it will come up with a far amount of colours you can choose from, you can play away with them. Or I use a website and copy and paste the the numbers and letters into the box next to the colour chooser. http://www.somacon.com/p142.php <- That's the website if you want to use it, there's a fair few colours there. For us poor regular members we can't use background images like others but if you did want to, you'd have to donate to the PokeCommunity forums.

    If you want a Profile picture (which is on the top left of my profile) you will need a picture either from your computer or a website which is either 130x130 pixels or 64.0KB big then you will need to be were you are for your Customize Profile only you will have to find instead down the left side bar "Edit Profile Picture". Insert the web address (which is the www. part, just in case) or click Choose file and find it on your computer, then it should appear on your profile as long as all the stats and such are right.
    I just saw your post on "Do you customise your profile much?" and I was just wondering if you wanted to know how to customise your profile and such? Because if you do need help, I'll see too it. :D If you don't, I'll shoo. XD
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