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Rogue planet
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  • you must have joined during the witching hour

    there are many demons on discord
    oh the place has been dying since 2014 lmao

    matt hands is around pretty often
    the discord chat is more fun tbh
    particularly when i'm an admin and can make sure it stays fun

    but pc is good too
    it's about as much fun as you put into it and i still get some enjoyment
    Twitter or text is the best way to get a hold of me these days. I probably wouldn't have noticed this message for days until Adri texted me about it! Yes, it's been too long. My weekends are kinda stacked up until March - partially with work, partially other commitments - but afterwards, I'll be relatively free and easy. Let's organise something for then!
    i can literally see you trying to visit my blog with a proxy (hidemyass.com, really) so i'm gonna ask you to kindly stop stalking me when i've blocked you
    Sigh... getting the two of them together is even more complicated than what I first imagined. No to September, but it might be in October. I'll let you know, I assume, closer to the time. Soz.
    One of your posts gave me the curiosity. Shame I got a dismissive response rather than a mature and well-mannered 'no'.
    I have no idea, I legitimately have no reason to check in yet I do it sub-consciously more often than I understand.
    makes me think of jeremy kyle

    and it's not difficult to find a place it's just getting a job to pay for it which is the trouble
    i had a feeling you'd drop by in my messages
    i'm looking for a job + a new place since i decided to take this semester off from uni

    Sort of, but not really. I'm trying to get the two of them in line, but they've both been busy this week with work. Once we've got some dates floating around, I'll let you know. (You might have to wait a while, though!)
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