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  • It's awesome to still see you around! :mareepwave: 🤍

    How you been?
    friends always make that better. i'd never play a shooter on my own i'd just get too self-conscious and never enjoy myself. i'd hate getting grouped with people like that especially solo,,,, i mentioned overwatch and yeah i've had fun playing that with friends and my bf but i can still remember the time i didn't do """good enough""" in a game and one of my teammates was flaming me and saying death threats. it doesn't bother me or anything but it just sticks in my mind, like did it really matter that much to them?

    that sounds like a good time! i never really got into GTA but i know it's nice for that kind of thing for so many people. i wouldn't argue against going with that method if you've legally purchased them and are just wanting a different way to experience them. i do the same for randomizers of games i already own.
    men can get way too emotional, and that translates into aggressiveness a lot bcs we can't regulate emotions well. personally that's why i try to detach myself from caring too much abt winning. i know how hard it is to stop being angry once i get triggered, so this chill vibe is my best coping mechanism to stop myself from hurting anyone. anyway, so sorry you got those death threats. that's definitely why not a lot of women play shooters, or any male dominated games specifically.

    it really is a good time GTA free roam! huge sandbox games where i can do whatever is where it's at. on randomizers tho, i remember trying to do a platinum randomizer nuzlocke a few years ago and never completing it, then last year i tried doing a regular platinum nuzlocke and got to pastoria before i got bored and abandoned it as well lol. i think the last actual pokemon game i was so excited to play and finish was uhh pokemon unbound? the rom hack?
    i've never really considered something like that through a gender lens, but that does make sense? as a girl i'm not super confident on all of that but i definitely know stepping away from all of that for a more casual attitude has definitely helped me. i like the idea that either gender can enjoy games made for the other but it does get to points where it's too much for me. a lot of shooters just don't interest me and i wouldn't be thrilled of the idea of playing something like doom. i was convinced to try the last of us earlier this year and i just couldn't do it. to sound very girly, i like my cute stuff and that was way too much for me lol
    it's okay, they kinda bummed me out when it happened but i haven't been affected by them much, i've had more peaceful comments affect me more. but it is something i still remember in that context haha

    for some reason i couldn't really get into pokemon randomizers? i'd been doing a couple castlevania ones a couple months ago and those were fun. maybe it's just pokemon being a longer game with more to memorize. like i'd have to be really wanting to play something like platinum before considering randomizing it. i basically never touch romhacks, there's just such a quality variance with them sometimes and... yeah now that i'm saying this i'm pretty sure the length of an rpg kinda discourages me from something like that. more power to those who enjoy all of those, though!
    Also I looked at our old game we played in March 2022.

    The A.I gives an estimated rating now. You played like a 1600 and I played like a 1700.

    I'm not sure how accurate that is for us, but hey.
    I haven't sent you anything in a minute.

    Figured I should tell you I went back to chess after a year. I butchered my rating back into the 800's. (all of that obsession over hitting 1,000 and look what I go and do).

    Buuut unlike before, I shook off the rust. Didn't quite get my coveted rating back. I'm hovering 960-970. It's not bad for a year away.
    So I see you like Arctic Monkeys. You're a gentleman of good taste. I, too, like Arctic Monkeys. Do I Wanna Know & R U Mine are favorites. Ah! the Strokes is a favorite as well! As is their songs At The Door, Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus, Ode to The Mets (that video was nice tbh), Hard To Explain too

    But anyway.

    Hello! I've seen you around and when I finally checked out your bio I was like "yo I like those bands tooooooo."

    Hopefully you're having a good day. (:
    Well hello there Roni! I'm really happy that you visited me, because our talks are magic, and you are one seriously cool, funny and chill soul that I can relax and laugh along with while watching old reruns of Friends and rocking out to Queen songs. Seeing you online is one the things that makes the forum feel like home. You make me smile in so many ways, and I am sorry that I fell out of touch with you, and much more so that I made you worry that you had done something wrong. It's all on me.

    You've got me there, I sometimes have trouble holding conversations overtime. l take little breaks because I'm antsy, but then that leads to other problems, since I have no sense of time management either. Often I'll read wonderful comments like yours, be excited and think about how to respond, but then because of how badly I multi-tasked time will have flown by before I realize how long it's been, then I get anxious and don't reply, because I feel like it's been so long that nobody will remember what I'm even talking about. But this greetings from you is a good reminder to me that late is better than never, and I'm glad for this chance to reconnect with an old friend. I'd love to catch up once and for all! How are you doing these days?

    Sending you a classic song for your weekend enjoyment as a homecoming present from me to you.


    I don't mind storms at all. This sounds strange, but I actually like hearing how close it can get. Being outside during a storm is a totally different story and I would rather not do that at all.

    I have my issues with reddit. The downvote system seems to make each specific sub a revolving echo of opinions, and it makes me not want to touch the platform. It can be fun to casually browse however.

    200 posts away now from 10,000. Let us celebrate my arbitrary number obsession.

    All jokes aside, maybe I'll make a topic or something. I don't think there's any harm in it.
    My dog doesn't like storms unfortunately. Tomorrow seems to be the last big storm day, so we should be fine. Honestly I like looking through old threads too. There is some interesting stuff on the back pages.

    Yeah I think she's using a Whimsicott avatar too. You might not know this, but my first pokecommunity avatar was a Crobat.

    I sort of like my current avatar, but if I change again it's probably going to back to Cyndaquil.
    It's alright. I wasn't online most of last week and didn't see my messages until late Friday night. I need to catch up on the forum.

    I'm okay. It's been storming all the time here so any entertainment is spent messing with my devices.

    Thanks for asking though. And hey, 300 posts down from 10,000 so that's pretty cool.
    That, and add our own musics from outside of the game, to put them as custom radio while driving! Though I also enjoyed some of the standard radio songs!
    We will need to expect 4 to 6 hours of trip by foot then! ^^
    Indeed! I am quite curious about how big GTA 6's map will be!
    Another thing I did was to use that GTA V trainer to spawn every vehicle, one after another, around me in an open area, and ... blow them up with missile-launcher or railguns... because explosions!
    Hey thanks. I haven't played in a while though. I'm very 'off and on' with chess now. Might play heavily for a few weeks and not touch it for another month. Although I don't seem to lose much skill.

    Ironically I stay for the community and chill aspect of the forum. I forget it's even a Pokemon forum most of the time. Sort of see Pokemon as a bonus which I'm always willing to talk about, even if my current interest isn't there. Pokemon isn't even my favorite franchise.

    Not too much missed I don't think. I had a birthday last month which someone made me a thread for. Was a very kind gesture.
    I haven't heard back yet, and the person I asked has been active. I'm taking this as a "no". Which is good...because I'm having second thoughts. I can also understand not needing another guy if the team is working out. I was offered my position back if requested, but that was two years ago.

    Well the 10,000 post thing might not happen. But hey did you know I'm 30 points away from 1,100 on chess.com? Maybe I'll hit that. It's not even a concern anymore, I just play for fun now. Yet I've still been going up.
    I liked helping with the Facebook page. It was kind of nice contributing in a way and I know my way around social media, so it felt familiar.

    I would also like to hit 10,000 posts before my birthday...which is two weeks. I don't think it's going to happen. Would be neat though if I hit it on the exact day. (I'm 800 posts away currently).
    A bit random, but I made a request to join the Social Media Team again.

    I might have missed my window. It's been a long time. I'm fine with being told yes or no. Just randomly felt up to it again. (impulsively at 3 in the morning).
    Well, good news. The virus seems to be completely gone.

    I had to factory reset my computer, so rip to some of the games I downloaded out of excitement for having a windows.
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