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  • Thanks. Considered Ditto as Marnie in a similar pose too.

    Thought of it too late for April Fools' Day, unfortunately. Would have been a decent, quick staff theme. Demanded little artistic skill. (Depends on the original image, of course.) Creates a Ditto as Wooloo without too much issue for anyone without the inclination.

    Oh well. Perhaps next year.
    It's all good. I haven't been playing chess anymore. Other things took interest and I sort of forgot about it.

    Best of luck with life, and thanks for stopping by and letting me know. I appreciate the courtesy.
    I got more points back this morning because someone had cheated.

    I seem to be lucky and unlucky. Unlucky to run into cheaters, lucky they get caught.
    All good. Natural improvement never leaves, no matter how rusty I get. If so, I would be 800 again. I've still stood between 990-1040 despite how 'bad' i feel I've been playing. You get 25 puzzles per day on free tier chess.com. Honesty it's more than enough. But yeah, on lichess you could go crazy and do all you want.

    I just didn't care much for wanda as a character. Kind of forget she existed among the captain america/thor/stark storylines. Generally enjoyed the thor movies and felt like I slogged through the iron man ones. I also watched them all in 3 weeks, so says a lot that I still liked Ragnarock and Endgame. I could have easily been burned out by then.

    They rushed out a 2 hour tribute show on live TV for him right after his death. Then found out mid way through he had just murdered his wife and child. They've archived every episode ever of WWE, but they've done everything to keep that out of existence. I remember seeing it live when I was 7, not understanding fully what had happened. The murders also occurred on my birthday.

    I forgot to answer, but we saw The Lion King in live theatre. It was fun, I wasn't really familiar with it.
    We can play tomorrow. I guess we'll both be rusty. I stopped playing for a while and dropped nearly 50 points. Still didn't get knocked out of 1,000, but my motivation died after hitting the goal. I'd rather just have fun now and play silly. But yeah if you want to improve go for it. You could probably just play 1 game per day and study it. Highly recommend puzzles, even if it's only 3 per day. Can be boring, but eventually you gain instant pattern recognition.

    I need to catch up on marvel. I saw the new spiderman, but haven't watched all those new disney+ series yet. (what if, loki, wanda vision etc).

    Do you have a preference for how I go about the next game? Since it was our first time playing I did my normal opening. I could do something funny like the king's gambit or the bongcloud.

    Reminds me of Chris Benoit. If you aren't familiar with WWE you might not know him. He was known to be one of the most entertaining and captivating performers ever. Annnnnd he murdered his wife and child, then himself. This started a decade long debate about separating man from art. In his case, it's much harder.
    You know what I said about 1,000+ games seemingly coming down to tactics?

    Ermm...not really. I take it back. Throwing is less prevalent, but people still do it.

    I just beat an 1100 after I hadn't touched chess in 5 days, because he blundered a bishop and I swapped him to the end.
    It was fun. Saw live theatre. Let me know when you feel like doing the game. I haven't been playing at all, so we'll see how it goes this time.

    The skill gap in chess is insane. I don't think they use engines. I think that a 1700 fighting me is like facing a toddler. Similarly to how I feel now fighting 600s-700s, they would feel I'm the one using an engine. Accuracy tends to skew in favor of higher rated players due to that player being able to find many good moves against questionable play.

    Ah, so you built your own PC? Must feel like a worthwhile investment.

    Yeah I avoided that. Since you bought it up, (trying not to speak ill of the dead, that sort of thing) yes he was a questionable man. He had many terrible view points, but I think it's a case that we should separate the man and appreciate him solely as a player. Because he was a great player, one of the best ever.

    Haven't seen it. I haven't even watched Queen's Gambit. That said, I like Tom Holland's spiderman better.
    Let's play again next week. Going away this weekend and I should have my charger by then. (yes i'm trying again. stubbornness).

    Unrated is terrifying. Met someone who knew the famous silican opening (his version was called the silican pin) and after the game I checked, he played at 99% accuracy like a grandmaster. There was nothing I could do. Have never played someone so scary.

    I don't know what that means to replace a hard drive. I'm not very technical in all honesty...i just use these magical machines in ignorance. I'll be away from this computer anyways once I get that charger again. It's not a bad computer. It still browses quickly. Just has those unexpected browser shut downs.

    It's bobby fishers birthday today. He was quite something.
    Let me ask a question. There's an endgame with two bishops and two rooks. Which would you rather have? I played this recently, and the guy immediately was spamming the draw request. I was thinking "yo chill out your probably going to win". But nope, somehow I won with the bishop pair. Never had such a situation and it makes me think of all the strange end game possibilities. Like 2 knights vs a Queen, or 2 rooks vs 1 Queen.

    I generally don't like asking for things. It's a disc eater virus. It's challenging to even download a jpeg image file. It's chewed through every bit of space. There is nothing left installed on this computer either. I thought the virus might be hiding somewhere, but nope.
    I'm beginning to understand Blitz. There had been points in our game you might have noticed me moving quickly. It's because I had seen those exact positions from playing my opening so much and it felt instinctive. GM's have played 50,000+ games since childhood, they've seen so many board positions already it just comes naturally.

    I have an old Windows but I don't trust it. It randomly likes shutting down. I played a couple games on chess.com but it's not fun when I'm constantly waiting for a forced close of my browser. There's some sort of virus, I've tried for years getting this off but no avail. It works well enough to post on pokecommunity.

    I did buy a chess PS4 game out of gamestop. Random impulsive purchase.

    From my short time playing in the 1,000's, it's pretty rough. Less piece dropping, usually comes down to who finds a tactic first. I've been getting knocked out, but I can win in the 900's pretty easily now so I jump back in.
    Might need to put a hold on the next game.

    Another chromebook charger has stopped working.

    I officially give up on this brand.
    We'll see. But yeah i'm already slowing down after hitting 1,000. No goal = no more unlimited drive to play.

    I could do 25 games in one day, but now I'm getting tired after 2 or 3.

    I can calculate a couple steps ahead but sometimes it's pointless because the opponent just does something unexpected.

    When I'm in a corner with no hope I might do the same thing. I'll begin launching pieces as the king side hoping for a checkmate.
    Honestly yeah it confused me when you tossed the knight out for a pawn. Other than that, you played very solid and I didn't spot any positional weaknesses.

    I'm always up for daily chess, so let me know if you ever want a second round in that.
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