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  • it shames me to say, but currently I am Master Guardian 1 in CS thanks to decay and playing with friends
    I started to like Crobat when I saw the team leaders using one in Hoenn. (Archie and Maxie) It was a wow factor for me, that the common bat you see in every cave turned into something so cool looking.

    Yeah my signature needs to be updated. My favorite Pokemon of all time is Tyranitar. To me that's the coolest Pokemon ever.
    That's true. I wasn't technically staff but when I was on the social media team I got see how it worked. It's a very dedicated group of people.

    Ohh okay. That would have been interesting. If you don't mind me asking, what did you have in mind? (Before he was banned of course).

    Btw I really love your avatar. Gen 2 is my favorite art style and Crobat would be for sure my 2nd favorite Pokemon of all time.
    Yeah I've noticed staff here is unbelievably quick on bans. It seems like anybody with intent to troll is gone after a few posts.

    And I can see your point there, though arguing with someone like that would be like talking to a wall.
    Hey thanks for the add.

    Looking at your profile, I'm sorry to see you received such a derogatory comment recently.
    ohhhhh yeah it's pretty cold..... also covid-19 cases in cebu are pretty high(i think) stay safe
    This post makes me happy!


    I'm glad we're friends. What are some of your favorite Queen songs?

    For me it's the magnum opus Bohemian Rhapsody. It has such an incredibly daring and complex arrangement. The instrumentals go into some really unexpected places, and are so full of power. While Freddie Mercury's lyrics are one of the many things that will always set Queen apart from its contemporaries, with Bohemian Rhapsody he really outdid himself. It's such a dark and surreal journey to go on.

    I also will always love Who Wants to Live Forever. Such a beautiful airy voice soaring over a symphonic accompaniment. I dig how the intro that is slowly building alongside Brian's guitar. The drumbeat underneath is so subtle like a footstep or heartbeat or a ripple in water.

    That's enough from me though. What about you?
    Daaamn, lucky! 6 hours of sleep is a no-go for me, my body will shut down, haha. My fiance is like you, though, and manages to work off of about 6 hours. I also don't know how that works. xD How y'all can subtly flex on me like that is beyond me. It's 2 am now and if I went to bed, I probably wouldn't wake up until about 11am or noon.
    Haha, damn, we're 12 hours apart, holy crap xD That's pretty cool, though. So 1 pm is kinda like your morning time, then? Cuz that sure is the case for me. I got up at nearly 1 pm yesterday.
    Pretty dang good, aside from me going full-blown night owl again, haha. You a night owl, too? It seems I can never escape it.
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