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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    The music is amazing~ I wasn't able to listen to it all the time because people around me would play music and I was all 'auuuugh' but still ~
    Why would I want to avoid Ryuryu? ;v;
    I loved it. I cried. It was gorgeous. I still need to beat the post-game, but yeah.
    (Maybe when I have money! Alas I do not have any to spare. :c)
    You can make your thread in the MIC now.
    Well, they have a shortage of faculty to teach some of my classes right now cause a few of them went on vacation, so I'm stuck hoping they're offered soon ahaha ;; AND X FOR MEE cause blue > red eheh, you?
    I hope to graduate by next winter but knowing my school, it might not happen. >: And college!

    and omg I KNOW I'M SO EXCITEDD YOU HAVE NO IDEA, time needs to move faster ;~; And eee thats so cute!
    Winter > summer
    The cold is annoying when you're out in it but still more tolerable than summer, I think. And yeah it is more appealing for some reason <33

    I start Jan 28th! Soon, dreadddinggg it. Need to graduate!
    I've never played the other Paper Marios so I've nothing to compare it to, but that's a shame to hear ;_; Maybe I'll watch some Let's Plays of older ones to see how they were!

    And ooh lucky you, hehe. I hate summer since it gets very hot here but the break is so, so much longer. But ahhh 96 oh my god that'd kill me @_@; When do you go back to school?
    Uuugh that makes me worried. I'm still in desert world and some of these puzzles are ridiculous, how would I have known to use the vacuum sticker right where the desert tornado was? Even that sign that Mario could barely read didn't help. Makes me wonder how younger kids would be able to play it XD; ...or maybe I'm just that bad of a gamer. >> YAY FOR YOUTUBE GUIDES

    I've been pretty good! Relaxing since winter break, hope you've been good too <3
    Ryuuka, hiii! <3 I've missed you!! And yes, I'm still on world 2 XD; It's really cute~
    My parents assume the same about me and the computer ;__; Granted it is what I do often when I have lots of free time haha /brick'd

    I beat the main story yes, but there's lots more to do after. ;o; I only spent about 5-6 hrs on it so far, got it uhh mid July iirc~
    The issue is I don't have a TV in my room, so... XD; I'd probably have to go hog one of the other two, one of which is always being used. Good thing I have my old PS2 though, haven't touched it in years but I can play KH on it in the future~ and yeah I'd probably start from the first one, going out of order would kill me ;_;

    aaand it's awesome <3 Great twist to play a Pokemon game, love it aasdf
    Haha yeah, brony is too extreme imo, you don't need a special name to call yourself if you're a fan of MLP. XD;; But personally I've somewhat stopped liking MLP as much because the ridiculously extremist fans are making it difficult. >: (though I still do like it, just that I don't mention it most of the time)

    ooh, nice~! I've never played KH or FF so I kinda feel left out ;___; But I've been playing Conquest<3
    I've been pretty good, same old ;_; How 'bout you?

    I still like MLP but don't really involve myself in discussions regarding it much, hence my absence from the fan club D:
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