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  • Yeah I think I get you. Best to begin with facts from some source, be it common knowledge or scholarly research, then build on that.
    It's always fun when you have members that stick around for ages, I'll be celebrating four years as a member here come March.
    I have to say, thanks for your kind words about me in that one thread. I always like to see the newcomers having fun, because it's a sign they are definitely knowing how awesome PC is.
    Maybe add some jackalope influences. (antlers)
    And some wool. Okay I'm gonna give this idea a go tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance !

    Anyways just started to play trough pokemon red again. Chose charmander as starter and am now in pallet town after I retrieved the pokédex.
    It's not much but I like to do things slow and steady.
    Well I would want to make it grass/fairy or grass/electric. But I could try a rabbit. Maybe with some sthealthy abilities or some fairy abiliyies
    What would be better?
    Oh not the whole bunch of it.
    I already have some, and tons of ideas for a fairy tale- themed region.
    But now I'm stuck on designing the grass starter
    I went back to my old avatar and sig, missed it too much hehe. The weekend's going good so far! Fever's mostly gone and all I really have left are a runny nose and slightly sore throat. Can't wait until it goes away ;o;
    Well that's an awesome thing. I love them and I love creating them as well.
    As of speaking I'm designing some starters but can't get a grass starter in the concept of my region designed.
    I suppose it's about paag times and tge geological and biological situation a s you have to sorta analye them?
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