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Hello! I'm just a chick in my mid-20s that is basically unable to grow up.

Joking aside, I'm just an average person. I love all things Pokemon, pixel art, Spyro, closed species, and honestly there's just so many things here that I can't list them all.

I'm a full-blown INFJ, which is pretty neat I guess; and an MBTI nerd, but less so recently than I used to be. I'd like to think that I'm very friendly, relatively sociable, cheerful, and down-to-earth. I love deep conversations about the human condition and just people in general. People are too interesting to NOT want to talk about! I do my best to look at things objectively and I refuse to jump to conclusions until I see the story from both sides of an argument, but I'll also be the first to admit that I have a tendency to let my feelings get in the way of logic. I guess that has both its downsides and perks, lol.

If I were a Pokemon, I would probably end up being Ralts. I'm really sensitive to the feelings of those around me and to the "vibes" they give off. I'm intuitive when it comes to people's thoughts and feelings, and I'm really good at reading the atmosphere. I enjoy harmony and dislike conflict, so I enjoy diffusing tensions between people when and where I can.

My favorite Pokemon is Snivy, though, without a doubt. I have a Snivy OC that I adore to pieces.

Feel free to reach out to me for whatever! Sometimes I can be pretty bad about responding, but I'm trying to do better.

Pokemon, obviously. LOTS of other IPs along with that.
Pixel art (it's like friggin' air to me)
Talking people through their problems.
Social politics, but to an extent. I follow the philosophy of secular humanism and I'm a slightly agnostic-leaning atheist.
Sep 22, 1993 (Age: 30)
Female ♀
Favorite Pokémon
Snivy, Treecko
In-Game Name
GO Team
Discord Nickname



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