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Sasuke Hinamori
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  • Ahh, I haven't been on for 3 years, and it seems you haven't been on either. xD

    I guess both of our schedules (on this site, anyway) are losing consistency.

    If anything ever happens, I wish you the best of luck in life!
    ^^;; im so sorry i havent bee on in a year i did add you on face book xD sooo sorry for the late responce tho o_o;;
    I haven't been on either, though unlike you, I really didn't go on anywhere. xD
    No problem ^^;

    eeeeehhh ur welcome xD
    aww thank you ^^ that is soo cute x 1000000000000000

    I shld use create a themie for from this piccy!
    Yup u did!
    oh okaayyyyyy; it's alright Hinamori-chan!

    Lol xD nd well im in skool rite now XP pokecommunity is the thing thats keeping me alive in skool xD nd awww y wont u b on that much D= nd srry 4 the late reply its cuz i figured out my phone can go 2 pokecommunity yay!xD
    Well, I sorta have FB in a way, but I never use it, my name is glitched up & won't change back, all of my friends got deleted, and my picture is stuck (and photostream won't work). Other than that, if you don't mind, I guess I could try it.
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