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  • Hiya! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I have been busy and haven't been on PC in awhile. @@ I have not forgotten about your Pokemon, but I realized that I am not actually far enough in USUM for some of the Pokemon you wanted, so I've been trying to work towards that. I think I'm far enough for most of them (definitely not to Poni tho so I don't think I can get Mienfoo for you yet).
    Oh I'm not forgetting to update my list, I'm just not anymore. My shop is closed until further notice so there's no need to. But don't worry, anything would be amazing!! I owe you for them. Actually, I have finally set up an RNG file where I can hatch anything with 31/31/31/x/31/31, so I have some self-obtained Shinies I can send over if you are interested!
    Hmm, I should have the fossils somewhere. I'll check and get back to you on that.
    Okay! I will let you know when I've got everything. Have fun with your playthrough haha!
    I guess it's up to you, then. I have an extra Groudon I can send over, but I would think the event would be of better value.
    Awesome! But I haven't had time to get your Pokemon yet. @w@ And yes! It was the JPN one right? I'll add it on to the trade. If you're alright I'd like to wait til I have your Pokemon; it shouldn't be too many more days, since I think I'll have time this weekend.
    Alright. Let me know if there's more I can send your way. I could send you some original events (since I can create a save state via CFW and receive multiple of the same event) if there's anything you would be interested in. I have the Shiny Kyogre / Groudon, Corsola, and Ultra 2017 events.
    Ahh yeah no, the code is only for USUM, sorry. @@
    Eevee without the EM is fine, I didn't list any cuz I didn't need it haha. I have a trusted Kabutops that is Adamant from someone else already though.
    Sure! I haven't had time to work on anything but I will jot it down and try to get them soon. @w@
    Oh awesome! I would really like both if I'm allowed, but I need to offer something. I have some spare Shiny Kyogre / Groudon codes if you want one!
    Just in case, I came up with a list of some stuff I would like. If you can do any of them that would be awesome, but let me know either way!
    Archen (Jolly), Carnivine (Adamant, EM Sleep Powder), Dwebble (Jolly, EM Spikes), Duskull (Relaxed), Eevee (Adamant), Clampearl (Adamant), Kabuto (Jolly, EM Rapid Spin), Keckleon (Adamant)
    Alternatively, I made a Dex Tracker page of the Shinies I have from trusted sources. Anything that's not yellow on there would also be awesome!
    Cool! If you have an idea let me know, I can then let you know if I have it or not. I haven't had time to add a sheet for the trusted Shinies I have after all, it's been a weird week. @@
    Depends on the IVs of the frame, but if you have some ideas let me know! On the second spreadsheet I have Shinies with my OT, and tonight I'll try and add another sheet with stuff from trusted OTs. Ideally it would be something that's not on either of those two lists.
    Hiya! Here is the link I mentioned. My TSVs are listed in the first sheet. If you have a match let me know! (I have a couple more TSVs from files I made but haven't checked yet, but those will be added some other time.)
    That's alright! Tbh I had so much to do I didn't even notice haha.
    The only way to affect a seed is to accept/reject eggs, or to remove a parent holding a Destiny Knot. Anything else will not affect it. So once you have the eggs, you can do whatever with them and it won't matter. As usual just make sure you're following the order laid out in "Shortest Path" or it's gonna mess up.
    Oh gosh, that's terrible! Alrighty then, I'll contact you on Saturday. I will only be able to trade during the day but it's worth a try.
    I'm hoping it will, but there's several distributions based on the previous things. In 6th, Volcanion was the ticket code, Magearna was the QR code and the 720 Greninja was the local download. This year, Hat Pikachus were the ticket code, USUM Pika was the QR code and Marshadow was the local download. They also did Ho-Oh in Corocoro to tie in with the movie. Because of that, if the new movie actually includes Lugia like I think, I'm guessing it'll go in Corocoro too, but then that leaves the ticket code / QR code / local download methods all open...I don't know. It's too early to speculate.
    Cool! I'll try to figure out my schedule and let you know.
    Hmm, a little bit. I didn't see a lot of info (also it was late and I didn't feel like reading anything). Lol true though. Idk, I'm already having PTSD flashbacks to the ticket codes so I'm not looking forward to it haha.
    Alrighty, as long as it works!
    Shoot, I forgot I hadn't sent it to you yet. @@ Wed would have worked, but the weekend is...also maybe okay. Saturday seems clear but I won't really know until later in the week.
    Oh good! I was going to tell you not to use "shortest path" as you need to follow the order it lists, but if it worked I guess you did do that. (If you click the option above it, I think it's just "Egg Range" or something, it tells you how many to accept AND THEN how many to reject.)
    You seed does not change unless you generate another egg, or sometimes when you remove the Pokemon holding Destiny Knot from the Day Care. As long as you don't do those two things, it will not change!
    Please message me as soon as you are online. Our time zones are different, but I am off of work all day tomorrow.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "it doesn't count as Shiny." Do you have the "Shiny Only" box checked when you're searching? Also make sure that whichever game you are currently using has it's TSV in the box near the top, then your other game's TSV is in the "TSV List."
    Sure! I can at least try to answer haha.
    You only have to do it once if you're careful. In 3DSRNGTool, when you look at your target frame, you'll see that there's a seed listing at the end. That's what your seed will change to after you get to that frame. You can then copy that into the current seed and continue from there! Just make sure you track it carefully, otherwise you have to do the Magikarp all over again. (Also if you're using a Pokemon with Destiny Knot, NEVER take it out. That will alter the seed. Most people use a 6IV JPN Ditto with the DK and the just leave it in there forever.)
    Stationary RNG you can only do with CFW. You need to know what your seed is and what frame you're on in real-time. There are tools for it, but only through the use of CFW. Egg RNG is the only thing you can do without it. :/
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