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  • ayy, thanks for the late birthday wishes. It's been like 11 months but thanks anyway haha
    Glad someone thinks so haha

    Hey, my Friend code is 3368-4407-2271 I'll be happy to trade and battle with you! I have all the 3ds pokemon games, right now making a team on pokemon y
    I never seem to find anything decent at a thrift store. :X

    Well, I'm off for the night since I've got work tomorrow, see you then. :D
    I'm surprised mine even works anymore, I've put countless hours into playing it, especially super smash bros. I've been wanting to get that one for the 3DS but just haven't gotten it yet. Any experience with those games?
    I never tried any of the glitches in it, but those are always fun.

    The ladt game I played on the GC was Animal Crossing, I had demolished my old town and started a new one, but I wasn't really into it. I'm kind of curious on what's changed in the newer versions of that game, but not enough to actually get it. Instead I've been playing some Majora's Mask, even though that game frustrates me. :X
    GTA3? That's old skool! XD

    I barely played the story in that game at all, I just used cheats to get the cool stuff like helicopters and tanks.

    My uncle was playing I think GTA5 when I was over at his house, it's amazing how many details they added into the game. But apart from my 3DS, the newest consoles I have are ye ol' gamecube and ps2. :P
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