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scarlet night
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  • I tried with Region Orb but it didn't work. Maybe it's not obtainable in Vol. I. Venusaur [F] looks pretty gorgeous though! I am liking O. Sneasel as well and would have loved to evolve it to O. Weavile, tried everything I could, but to no avail. Nevermind, thanks for taking time and replying to my questions.
    Hello Scarlet!
    Hope you are keeping up well! Since you are the go-to person for all things Adventures Red now, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

    1. I have encountered a Fire type Venusaur; a Venusaur F to be precise. I am not able to find it anywhere. Is it obtainable in Beta 15 Exp Pass?

    2. How to evolve Orangean Sneasel?
    This is in case you can reach him more directly than I can, like on Discord for example. I'm not on Discord and from what I've seen, he doesn't pop into the PokeCommunity very often. But I just took a chance and messaged him. If it came off like I'm being rude, sorry about that. Outwitter suggested I speak to you since you're active in the Adv Red thread and he says you're cool.
    Alright. I sent him a VM a few days ago asking if he could send me a couple of guides so that I can get to work on updating the Adventure Red Chap walkthrough to include what has been added into the Expansion Pass. Please let him know about that. Thanks for stepping up in place of Lunos, he was very helpful and I hope you are as well.
    Hi there scarlet night, I'm Allen. I type walkthroughs for various Pokemon ROMhacks, including Adventure Red Chapter. Since Lunos is no longer following that series and probably won't be active in the thread, will you be the go-to person instead? If anyone has questions about the game or latest updates, they can bring them to you and you forward them to Aethestode?
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