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  • I meant what species of pokemon you like (eg. i like dog pokemon, Seal, Articuno, Caterpie, Butterfree), but thanks for the info
    Yea i hope so too Good luck welcoming the New members There really are a lot of them You got a lot of catching up to do But i'm sure you will get the hang of it soon enough.
    It's ok You were probably busy playing other games or busy with irl stuff It's nice to see you active again though.
    Using Flare Blitz on a Blaziken is very fun. It is a killing machine with good moves!
    Christmas gift. Its realy a simple gift. Hope you will like it. By the way marry christmas. Check your gift out my friend.
    I forgot to say that I also like Flare Blitz.
    Well, I really like Ice Beam, Blaze Kick, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Night Slash and Earthquake. They are very strong and good moves.
    Ah, hello! I've been pretty well, thank you! Tad discouraged however as my main computer and means of being online had finally died, so I'm pretty much only capable of being around when I'm capable of using a laptop, so apologies in advance for any sluggish replies! Hopefully, I'll get a new computer or my own laptop soon. How have you been?

    As far as Moon, I've beaten the main storyline, I believe! Currently working on filling up the pokedex. If I might ask, how is it going in your game? Oh! And which do you play? :)
    Hey, it's nice to meet you. I've always been a fan of Metagross, Alakazam, Deoxys, and Lucario. I love the mysticism of the Pokemon universe, and how deep it can go.
    Hehe don't give up! Hopefully you'll have more free time with the holidays around
    My favorite Pokemon types are Fire, Dark, Dragon and Psychic. ^^
    Hi! Probably for nothing more than nostalgia and the fact that water is my favorite type, Blastoise is my favorite. A few other favorites of mine include Gardevoir, Aron, Goodra and recently Primarina. Nice to meet you!
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